Cabo Delgado Province Mozambique

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Cabo Delgado Province Mozambique

Learn more about the Cabo Delgado Province in Mozambique

Cabo Delgado Province is the northernmost province of Mozambique with a population of 1,650,270 (2006). The Province hosts the popular tourist destination of the Quirimba Archipelago Islands and the Quirimbas National Park which extend 250km North from the Capital of the Province, Pemba. The Cabo Delgado Province also shares the Niassa National Park with the Niassa Province.

Popular towns in the Cabo Delgado Province Mozambique includes:

*Pemba is the capital city of the Cabo Delgado Province Mozambique

The Cabo Delgado Province is divided into 14 districts:

  • Ancuabe District
  • Balama District
  • Chiúre District
  • Ibo District
  • Macomia District
  • Mecúfi District
  • Meluco District
  • Mocimboa da Praia District
  • Montepuez District
  • Mueda District
  • Muidumbe District
  • Namuno District
  • Nangade District
  • Palma District
  • Pemba-Metuge District
  • Quissanga District
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