Montepuez Mozambique

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Montepuez Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Montepuez in Mozambique

Montepuez, a little village situated inland in the Cabo del Gago Province (northern Mozambique).

A chance to blend in and experience a true Mozambican culture!

Where locals welcome visitors and greet with open arms

This is a great destination to stay over If you are enroute past Montepuez, to Pemba and / or would like to experience the Mozambican culture and lifestyle. Up here, the air is cooler, the vegetation is lush and green and the locals give you a warm welcome to the "other" side of Mozambique.

Many cultural activities can be experienced in Montepuez, such as: Learning the art of traditional pottery, traditional cooking and recipies, herbal medicine initiation out in the bush, getting your hair braided African Style, going all out with a 'mussiro mask' (a 'beauty' mask made from tree bark) or learning the art of Makonde.

Montepuez gives you the chance to appreciate the Mozambican lifestyle and no better way to do it than with the traditional locals themselves.

Comfortable Accommodation is offered in Montepuez and a visit to the local market is a must for tourists who would like to buy fresh produce, vegetables, fruits and a souvenoir to take home. There are 2 fuel stations and a Millennium BIM ATM.


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

Montepuez Accommodation
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