Quirimba Archipelago Islands Mozambique

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Quirimba Archipelago Islands Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Quirimba Archipelago Islands in Mozambique

The Quirimbas is a group of 32 beautiful, exotic islands in the Northern Coast of Mozambique, stretching 70km from the huge port of Pemba right up to the litte town of Palma near the Tanzanian Border.

With over 30 exotic islands to explore, you will never want your holiday to end!

And this is just above the water, nevermind the 100km of unspoilt coral reefs, high coral wall drop-offs and tropical fish to be seen!

Although some of these islands host international hotels and resorts, most of these islands remain natural and untouched by foreign investors, ulimately giving visitors a true island experience of the rich local culture and fascanating history that still exists to tell its story.

In 2002, the Quirimbas Archipelago National Park was introduced to protect and provide a sanctuary for the marine life and the beautiful tropical haven that they live in. Hotels, Resorts & Accommodation give us the opportunity to explore the Quirimbas Islands and the magnificent underwater coral forests that extend kilometers along the Quirimba coastline. A number of unspoilt coral Islands feature huge vertical drop-offs - some reaching a depth of 400 meters!

Many people say that the Quirimbas Archipelago islands is not only the best scuba diving location in Africa, but the best in the world. This goes for Big Game Deepsea Fishing too, which is very popular and exciting amongst fishing enthusiasts. Ffishing is only allowed in designated fishing areas because the Quirimba Islands are in a National Park.

Shallow, clear turquoise waters, African traditional dhows floating amongst the islands, exotic islands, white sand beaches, Islands with unusual flora and historical landmarks, unspoilt coral caves and never ending reefs, tropical fish, big game fishing, boat trips to Islands, hot sun, luxury accommodation, and a sundowner with a cocktail makes the Quirimba Archipelago Islands to be the perfect holiday destination for everyone. The exploring never ends!!


Many people claim that the Quirimbas Archipelago islands is not only the best scuba diving and Big Game Fishing location in Africa, but the best in the world! The Quirimba offers you one of the top ten scuba sites on the planet.

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