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Central Mozambique

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Click on a town below to quickly skip through to the city / town of your choice out of the lodges and resorts listed below. If you are unsure of the following towns locations, then please take a look at our Mozambique Map to get you acquainted.

Beira Mozambique

Welcome to Mozambique's 2nd largest and most important city, Beira. The city is situated at the mouth of a magnificent estuary midway between the North and South borders and where the Pungoe and Buzi Rivers meet and flow into the Indian Ocean

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Cahora Bassa Dam Mozambique

The Cahora Bassa Dam is fed by the iconic Zambezi River and is the 2nd largest hydroelectric dam in Africa and the 5th largest dam in the world! Its capacity is 52,000,000,000, that’s fifty two thousand million cubic metres of water! The dam started filling in late

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Chimoio Mozambique

Welcome to Chimoio, Mozambique's fifth largest city - situated in the Manica Province approximately 90km from the Zimbabwean border. Explore Mount Bengo, (Cabeça do Velho) a rocky outcrop known as “Old Man’s Head”. Local traditions believe Mount Bêngo to be a sacred place

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Gurue Mozambique

Welcome to Gurue! Located in the North of Mozambique and in the Zambezia Province. Gurue is dominated by Mount Namuli and its extensive tea plantations! Gurue was once known as the Switzerland of Mozambique and achieved international recognition for its tea production

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Manica Mozambique

Welcome to the market town of Manica - Situated in the Manica Province and approximately 20km from the Zimbabwean border it was once the capital of the notorious Kingdom of Manica. Manica is renowned for its sacred rock-art site at Chinhamapere Hill. The Manica Province was once at the heart of the gold-trade in medieval times

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Mocuba Mozambique

Welcome to Mocuba, a little town situated in the Zambezia Province of Mozambique. A typical yet interesting rural village. Located on the banks of the beautiful Licungo River. The town offers basic supplies and facilities including, Accommodation, Restaurants, Fuel stations

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Quelimane Mozambique

Quelimane (pronounced "kelly-monney"), is Mozambique's 4th largest city and seaport which serves to be an important trade centre for Mozambique. Quelimane has one of the largest coconut plantations in the world! Which is a 20 minute drive to Zalala Beach, east of Quelimane

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Savane Beach Mozambique

Savane is a rustic and remote beach getaway out of town, located amongst coconut trees and along the river banks of Rio Savane - a perfect escape from the bustling city of Beira. Enjoy birdwatching, fishing and boat trips on the Rio Savane. Only 40km away from Mozambique's second largest city, beira

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Tete Mozambique

Tete, a bustling town found on the banks of the beautiful and well known Zambezi river. This is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in experiencing the true Mozambican lifestyle! The suspension bridge in Tete looks like the smaller version of the suspension bridge in San Fransisco

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