Chokwe Mozambique

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Chokwe Mozambique

Learn more about the small agricultural town of Chokwe in Mozambique

Welcome to the rural town of Chokwe the capital of the Chokwe District - located approximately 230km North of Maputo in the Gaza Province.

A small agricultural town where its main crop is tomatoes!

The Chokwe region is one of the main producers of cattle and goats in Mozambique

The City of Chokwe (as it is known) lies on the south side of the Limpopo River. It is a farming community producing vegetables, corn, rice, sweet potatoes, beans and of course, tomatoes. Chokwe offers the traveller basic supplies and facilities including a bakery, restaurant, church and hospital.

During the 2000 Mozambique Floods Chokwe was particularly hard hit; water surged down the Limpopo River flooding approximately 1,400 square kilometres of farmland. The heavy rainfall lasted for 5 weeks where thousands of cattle were lost and thousands of people made homeless. Chokwe was to be affected by more floods in the years 2001, 2007, 2008 and 2013 which further destroyed homes, roads, bridges and public buildings.

Chokwe remains vulnerable to flooding, but with the Municipality and residents participating in the restructuring of the City, new roads and bridges are being built to facilitate agriculture and drainage canals are being constructed to ease the effects of flooding.

Quick Fact:

The Limpopo River is Africa’s 2nd longest river stretching approximately 1,750 kilometres and a catchment area of 415,000 square kilometres.

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