Chokwe Activities & Attractions, Mozambique

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Chokwe Activities & Attractions

Your search for Activities & Attractions in Chokwe, Gaza Province, Mozambique

Chirrunduo Dam (Limpopo Dam Wall)

Chokwe Activities & Attractions

If you take a drive 26km North to Chirrunduo, you will cross a dam bridge wall which goes over and regulates the well known Limpopo River. Visitors must be careful as there are hippo's that inhabit these waters. Farmers have built irrigation canals from off the Limpopo

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Tomato Farms

Chokwe Activities & Attractions

Chokwe is known for its mass produce of tomatoes, so you will notice tomato farms all around

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Quick Fact:

The Limpopo River is Africa’s 2nd longest river stretching approximately 1,750 kilometres and a catchment area of 415,000 square kilometres.

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