Xai Xai Mozambique

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Xai Xai Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Xai Xai in Mozambique

Xai Xai (pronounced as 'shy-shy') is situated in the southern part of Mozambique, just over 200km North of Maputo on the Northern banks of the Limpopo river.

If you're lucky, during summer, you can watch nature at it's best when sea turtles swim to shore to lay their eggs!

Once the eggs hatch, you could also witness the hatchlings emerge from the sand and scramble to shore, where their life begins

As you drive north on EN1 over the Limpopo river bridge ... you will enter the outskirts of Xai Xai - a busy commercial centre. Open furniture markets are everywhere (you will see excellently crafted couches and furniture on display for sale, just on the side of the road) ... and if you are a fan of cashew nuts, then this should put a smile on your face because this area is a haven for Cashew nut tree's ... so expect locals holding big bags of cashew nuts - very inexpensive too!

Even though Xai Xai centre does have facilities, you will find that most of the facilities and supplies are found closer to the resorts at Praia do Xai-Xai (on the beach - approximatley 10km).
This includes: petrol, diesel (be sure to fill up with fuel as soon as you get there as tank stocks often run out with the influx of tourists), local food markets - seafood, popular portugese rolls, fruit, vegetables - ATM machines, banks, pharmacy's, post office, plenty of curios's / Arts & crafts to buy, pubs and a few very good seafood restaurants to dine at!
Snorklers, and divers will be happy to hear that there is a large coral reef that runs parallel and quite far off shore (approx. 160m off shore). This large coral reef naturally protects the bay from the strong waves during high tide, making it calms & safe for swimmers. Beautiful coral pools can be explored during low tide and plenty of shells can be found.

Wenela Tidal Pool, about 2km South is a natural underwater blow-hole. The tidal pool has an underwater channel going to the ocean, creating a "blow-whole" effect. This is definitly a tidal pool to see - and not to swim in!

Bird enthusiasts will enjoy the few fresh water lakes about 40km (30 minute drive), north from Xai-Xai, as these lakes are home to a large variety of bird species. These lakes are great for Other activities, such as canoeing, paddle skiing, wind & Kite surfing.

If you are travelling to Xai Xai with a sedan vehicle, Be sure to confirm with the accommodation establishment that a 4x4 vehicle is not required - as quite a few popular Resorts / lodges only have sandy beach roads that lead to their establishment which requires a 4x4.


Wenela Tidal Pool, about 2km South of Xai Xai is a natural underwater blow-hole. The tidal pool has an underwater channel going to the ocean, creating a "blow-whole" effect. This is definitely a tidal pool to see, though not to swim in!

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