Inhassoro FAQ, Mozambique

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Inhassoro FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Inhassoro in Mozambique

  • Is there a petrol station in Inhassoro?

    Yes - You can fill up with Diesel or leaded (Super of LRP) petrol in Inhassoro, though the closest town where you can fill up with unleaded feul is Vilanculos, which is on-route, 80km away from Inhassoro.

    Keep in mind that it's best to pay for petrol in local currency (Meticais) as it is more expensive to pay for petrol in Rands or Dollars. Petrol is more expensive the further north you travel!

  • How far is Inhassoro from Vilanculos?

    The distance is approximately 80km on a tar road

  • Do I need a 4x4 to get to Inhassoro?

    No, you can drive a normal sedan car to Inhassoro. The roads are tarred and have recently been improved in December 2010, though there are some bad stretches of road between Xai Xai and Inhassoro that may bring your speed right down to 40km/h or even less due to pot holes

    We always recommend that you do take a 4x4, because you won't be limited to exploration and you will be able to get around much easier without the possibility of getting stuck.

    Tyres should be deflated to -800 bar to be able to drive on the soft sand.

  • How far is the drive from Johannesburg / Durban to Inhassoro?

    We advise if you self-drive, that you make it a 2 day trip, with your overnight stay been in Maputo or Marracuene. The drive from Johannesburg to Maputo is approximately 545km.
    The drive from Durban to Maputo is approximately 728km.
    The drive from Maputo to Inhassoro is approximately a 10 hour drive.
    As mentioned above, there are some bad stretches of road between Xai Xai and Inhassoro that may bring your speed right down to 40km/h or even less due to pot holes and poor road conditions.

    When travelling and calculating time, please consider the border opening times, ques and the time it takes at the border, speed limits, poor road conditions, weather etc.

  • Are there flights from Johannesburg to Inhassoro?

    Yes, Vilanculos has an International Airport and this is the easiest and fastest way to get to Vilanculos. The flight is only 1 hr 45min with flights departing to / from Johannesburg and Maputo on a daily basis.

  • Great, do I need a visa to fly to Vilanculos?

    South African passport holders do not require a visa to travel to Mozambique for leisure, though overseas visitors can obtain visas at the airports for approximately R200 (US$ 29.00) per person (prices are subject to change - please contact the airport for more information regarding visa prices)

  • Is it okay to drive at night?

    We advise you not to drive at night.

  • Can I hire a 4x4 in Inhassoro?

    Some lodges and resorts in Inhassoro hire out 4x4's vehicles but it is important that you make sure you contact the lodge you are staying at if they or any other lodge have 4x4's available to hire out, prior to leaving for your holiday.

    You can Hire a 4x4 in Maputo. Contact Euro Rent / Imperial or Expresso Rent a Car for more information.

  • Are there Banks or ATMS in Inhassoro?

    Banking and drawing money should be done in Vilanculos 85km South of Inhassoro (on-route to Inhassoro coming from the South).. There are 3 major banks in Vilanculos: Barclays, BCI (Banco Comercial e de Investimentos) and BIM (Banco Internacional de Mocambique) Millennium which all have ATM machines for Visa cards (not always Mastercard). Banks are open from 08h00 - 15h00 on weekdays. Barclays Bank is open on Saturdays from 9h00 - 12h00.

    Be prepared and draw more than enough money in South Africa to avoid inconveniences. Keep the money in a safe / discreet place.

  • Are there credit card facilities in Inhassoro?

    You will have to check with the lodge that you are staying at if they have credit card facilities.

    Best to check first to avoid dissapointment.

  • Is there a shopping mall or can I buy groceries in Inhassoro?

    Yes, most of the basics supplies can be bought at the Super Ana Superette. The local market also sell fresh produce and milk. Bread can be bought at the local bakery in Inhassoro.

    We also advise that you buy and take your own vacuum packed meat from South Africa for the first night or 2 (if you are going to be self catering) in a cooler box with ice so that you can ground and get to know the area. Check with the Lodge if they sell ice or if they have a freezer to store your meat during your stay.

  • Is Inhassoro a Malaria area? Do I need to take Malaria Tablets?

    Yes, Mozambique as a whole is a Malaria risk Area / Country. We recommend you take precautions and visit your nearest Doctor (you now need a prescription for Malaria Tablets) to prescribe you with what's recommended.

    Be prepared and take other Prophylactics like Insect Repellent sprays, Mosquito Coils, light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further prevent bites.

Quick Fact:

Mozambique has the 2nd longest coastline in Africa at 2,798 km (Somalia has the longest coastline in Africa)

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