Maxixe Mozambique

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Maxixe Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Maxixe in Mozambique

Maxixe (pronounced 'Ma-sheish') ... is the largest city in the Inhambane province which is situated on the opposite side of the bay from popular attraction and city of Inhambane.

Catch a more pleasant "Taxi" ride from maxixe to Inhambane - but in a dhow boat!

Which is a faster way to get to either town than by road believe it or not!

Being the economic capital and commercial centre of province, Maxixe has a population of about 98,000 people and is known to be great stop-off city on the EN1, for travellers who need to park the car and rest from a long journey. The city has all the basic facilities and supplies including: Accommodation, Restaurants, Fuel Stations, Banks, Convenient stores and a local Market that sells fresh produce - which has anything the local Mozambicans can sell!

By road, Maxixe is approximately 60km from Inhambane ... and you will notice that a lot of the locals take advantage of their traditional dhows to sail only 3km across the bay to get to Inhambane. By doing so, this saves time and money!

If you are interested in experiencing a dhow ride across the bay to Inhambane, then head off to the Maxixe's beaches and you will find locals who provide a 'dhow-transport-service' for tourists. For a small fee, you can experience what the local Mozambicans do everyday and drift on the waters that Vasco Da gama sailed in, back in the colonial days! But, if you're rushed for time and need to get to Inhambane quickly, then book a ferry ride across.


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

Maxixe Accommodation
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