Morrungulo Bay Mozambique

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Morrungulo Bay Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Morrungulo Bay in Mozambique

Morrungulo Bay is an exciting holiday destination for anyone wanting to go somewhere remote and different on their next holiday. Day excursions to other popular beaches in Mozambique nearby include Pomene, Morrumbene, Maxixe, Barra, Tofo Bay and the historical port of Inhambane.

Morrungulo bay in mozambique is a beautiful palm-fringed beach getaway located halfway between Inhambane and Pomene.

Where scuba diving is endless, deep sea fishing is action packed and where humpback whales can easily be spotted!

88km North of Maxixe, you'll reach the turn off to Morrungulo bay where you will travel a further 13km along a dirt road that's in quite good condition. Normal Sedan vehicles can even travel this dirt road to Morrungulo Bay but it is recommended to travel in a high clearance vehicle or in a 4x4 because during the rainy season, the dirt road can become like clay which can result in you getting stuck if you're not traveling in a 4x4.

The road gradually descends down to Morrungulo Bay beach where you'll eventually arrive to a t-junction. Turning left or right will take you down to Morrungulo Bay beach where miles and miles of pristine & unspoilt beaches can be admired in both directions giving the feel that you've really stepped into a tropical beach paradise.

The landscape around Morrungulo Bay isn't necessarily flat. There are elevated sand dunes just before the beach where other lodges are built on boasting spectacular views of Morrungulo Bay and it's pristine white beaches. The height advantage is excellent for whale watching when in season especially During winter (June to October) when humpback whales can be seen breaching whilst they migrate to tropical warm waters to calve.

The difference between high tide and low tide varies quite a bit and during low tide the warm Indian ocean leaves behind shallow beach pools where locals and holiday makers splash about. These shallow tidal pools on Morrungulo Bay Beach are safe and protected - perfect for visitors who have children. Soak up the sun and take a long stroll along Morrungulo Bay Beach where it's not uncommon to stumble across washed up shells which you are allowed to keep - a great souvenir to remind you of your holiday in Morrungulo Bay. Quite often local fisherman approach visitors selling buckets of freshly caught fish, crayfish and large prawns - perfect for your evening meal on a hot summers night.

A dense number of tall swaying coconut palms line the beaches, providing ample shade from Mozambique's hot climate for various lodges and campsites in Morrungulo Bay. Hundreds of ripe coconuts can be found scattered along the sand whilst the odd coconut plonks to the ground every now and then, ready to crack open for a thirst quenching drink of coconut milk. Although they are not easy to crack open, the locals are more than willing (with a tip) to help open up the coconuts. Not often do we get the chance to drink the milk straight from a coconut.

Morrungulo Bay Village:

Within the village of Morrungula Bay, you won't help but notice a tall multilingual sign post saying "Fresh Bread" in 25 different languages pointing to the local bakery in Morrungulo Bay. The local bakery called Mathews Bakery sells freshly baked bread rolls of course and lots of coconuts. The locals have set up a little display of arts and crafts to buy in Morrungulo Bay Village, such as light summer clothing and beautiful African paintings where Other local vendors in Morrungulo Bay Village also sell Firewood, charcoal fresh fish, prawns, tomatoes, lettuce and a variety of different fruits.

Scuba Diving in Morrungulo Bay:

Scuba diving in Morrungulo Bay is a must for all diving enthusiasts out there, boasting 2 massive reefs of endless exploration from depths as shallow as 8m to deeper dives of 40m. Sylvia Shoal Reef is located 12km North of Morrungulo Bay and is a whopping 14km long with 2 beautiful dive sites named Aladdin's Palace dive site and Tokyo Drift dive site. South of Sylvia Shoal Reef, we have another large reef extending 9km called New Year reef. This reef also hosts 2 popular dive sites to explore - Sherwoods Bookshelf dive site and King Deep dive site.

Each dive site is well known for sightings of green and leatherback turtles, a variety of sharks such as the hammerhead, Bull shark, Tiger shark, leopard shark and Oceanic black tip shark as well as various rays like the Manta Ray, Eagle Ray and Devil Ray. Resident Potato Bass can be seen guarding the reef whilst huge shoals of of pelagic game fish like the Barracuda and Kingfish circle above.

Amongst a colourful display of anemones, soft, hard corals and in between numerous cracks and crevices is home to a wide range of tropical Reef fish including the Sturgeon Fish, Tiger Angel Fish, schools of Red Fairy Trigger fish, Spanish Dancers, toadfish, crocodile fish, nudibranches and various juvenile fish. The magnificent Whale Shark is commonly seen swimming over the reef as they migrate during the summer months and dolphins have also been known to visit these reefs. Morrungulo Bay isn't only great for scuba diving but snorkeling is also very popular over the shallow ends of the reef. [ click here for more information on scuba diving in Morrungulo Bay ]

Deep Sea Fishing in Morrungulo Bay:

If deep sea fishing is your type of pastime activity then Morrungulo Bay won't fail to disappoint. Visitors to Morrungulo Bay often bring their boats along with them to enjoy deep sea fishing and angling at it's best. The massive reefs of Sylvia Shoal and New Year off Morrungulo Bay attract huge shoals of big game like Kingfish and Barracuda, making deep sea fishing another action packed activity to do in Morrungulo Bay. Kayak Fishing is becoming increasingly popular amongst holiday makers whilst shore fishing still remains as one of the most traditional ways of fishing in Morrungulo Bay.

Retaurants & Pubs in Morrungulo Bay:

After a long and fun filled day of activities in Morrungulo Bay, you may want to go grab something to eat or to simply relax with a ice cold beer whilst enjoying beautiful views of the beach. There is a number of walk-in restaurants at various lodges in Morrungulo Bay serving delicious seafood, traditional Portuguese dishes and a wide selection of local Portuguese beers to try out. Bunkers is a local bar in Morrungulo Bay where holiday makers can let their hair down, socialize, enjoying music and Mozambique's famous tipotinto and rum.


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

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