Paindane Mozambique

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Paindane Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Paindane in Mozambique

Welcome to Paindane, a beautiful secluded beach situated in the Inhambane province merely 29km South of one of Mozambique's oldest and historical ports, Inhambane.

A unique destination boasting a natural reef extending 1500m parallel to Paindane beach

Providing exciting activities such as endless snorkeling fun, safe bathing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing

What makes Paindane stand out from the rest and is drawing in huge interest from tourists abroad, is the remarkable natural reef that runs 1.5km parallel to Paindane beach. Not only does Paindaine's reef provide shelter and calm conditions, it's also home to a vast variety of tropical fish species and coral life, making this a snorkeler's paradise for all ages and claims to be one of best snorkeling reefs along Mozambique's coastline !

The Large sand dunes that run along the beaches, scattered with lush coconut trees provide spectacular views of Paindane beach, the reef and the warm indian ocean which makes for a perfect base for spotting whales close to shore, during the whale migration season between July and October. Another fascinating specticle during Summer and Autumn, is the ability to witness Leather-back and Loggerhead turtles that come to shore during the evening to lay their eggs. A rare and amazing site to see, is the baby turtles scramble to sea after they've just hatched - Not to be missed!!

Paindane's reef attracts large schools of big game fish close to shore, giving every deep sea fishing enthuasiast an action packed and thrilling challenge with popular big game fish such as Kingfish, Durado, Wahoo, Barracuta, Queenfish, Snoek, Billfish and much more!

Scuba Divers can also participate in the excitement, with Paindane giving divers the opportunity to encounter Whale sharks, dolphins, Zambezi Sharks, Reef Sharks Potato Bass, Blue Spotted Rays, Brown Ribbon-Tailed Rays, Geometric Rays, Lion fish, Moral eels, Octopus, Bait fish, Goat fish and much more around Paindane's exceptional coral reef and numerous other popular coral reefs that lie beneath the depths nearby, for you to explore!

Other than the exciting activities to do in Paindane, other major tourist attractions are just up the road, from the historical town of Inhambane which still has monuments and building with beautiful Architecture built back in Vasco de Gamma's era to popular beaches like Zavora, Guinjata Bay, Barra and Tofo Bay and Maxixe, where holiday makers can take a wonderful tour across Inhambane's bay on a Dhow boat.


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

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