Quissico Mozambique

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Quissico Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Quissico in Mozambique

Welcome to Quissico, a quaint little village between the towns of Chidenguele and Inharrime.

A drum and marimba festival is held in quissico every year by the locals which creates a fantastic vibe

Even ambassadors from germany, sweden and china attend the festivals! Not to be missed.

The town is quite a bit above sea level and has an absolutely spectacular view of 2 massive lagoons (Lake Quissico and Lake Munhanze) and the beautiful blue ocean which completes the horizon - makes for a very rewarding site indeed! Make sure you have your camera to capture this moment!

You can find Basic supplies in Quissico at a local shop including milk, sugar, tea, coffee, tinned fish and viennas, cooldrinks, fresh produce, small bites like biscuits and ships and a few other items. The Local Market, sells a lot of Fresh Produce, some including, fruits, cashew nuts, tomatoes, fish and the popular Pau portugese rolls. All of this can be bought for quite cheap although be aware that locals do sometimes try take advantage of tourists and up their prices.

Fuel can be purchased except for unleaded fuel ... so if you are driving a vehicle that takes unleaded fuel be sure to stock up at Xai Xai or Inhambane. Although local accommodation Lodges can organise Unleaded petrol for you if you request in advance.
It is always best to pay for Fuel in Metica's than in rands because there can be quite a high charge to exchange.

A lot of tourists drive from the village, down a dirt road to the Quissico beaches, where accommodation is available. On the way down you'll beable to see the spectacular lakes close-up as you will have to drive over a bridge across them.
The lakes offer Some great activities which include kayaking, skiing, parasailing, canoeing, kitesurfing and for the fisherman, Kingfish, grunter and plenty of other fish can be caught. The lakes are excellent for exploring ... in fact, you can take a long boat trip up North through a few lakes and windy water channels, towards Inharrime with some magnificent scenery and an abundance of birdlife to appreciae!

Out in the ocean, the Manta reef is uncharted terriroty, waiting to be explored and fishing is also excellent in these virgin mozambican waters.


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

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