Zavora Mozambique

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Zavora Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Zavora in Mozambique

Welcome to Zavora - a little village on the coast of the Inhambane province approximately 420km North of Maputo and 2hr drive South of Inhambane.

Huge protective reef makes for excellent snorkeling & safe bathing

Tours and visits to nearby inland lakes like Lake Poelela is a must!

Zavora has a beautiful beach and it is well known for its huge protective reef that runs parallel and close to the shore line, extending past the beach Praia (tip). With plenty of tidal pools and shallow waters, this natural reef has proved to be excellent for snorkling, swimming and fishing - making the little village popular for South Africans and other tourists.

Another attraction in Zavora is the lighthouse. Standing 53 feet tall (16m), the lighthouse was built in 1910 and is one of the few remaining lighthouses in Mozambique. The lighthouse still works today and was an important point on the coastline for Southern and Northern shores of Mozambique.

The beach has a bar and restaurant, where you can overlook the reef while you enjoy a delicious meal or drink. Dolphins and sailfish are often spotted in waters close by and between the months of June & November, Humpback whales can also be seen!

You can hire some quad bikes and go for a little tour over the sand dunes to witness some magnificent inland lakes including the massive Lake Poelela!

Accommodation is available here and Zavora is also perfect for the simple pleasures of enjoying the sun, sand and surf!


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

Zavora Accommodation
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