Chimoio Mozambique

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Chimoio Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Chimoio in Mozambique

Welcome to Chimoio, Mozambique's fifth largest city - situated in the Manica Province approximately 90km from the Zimbabwean border.

Explore Mount Bengo, (Cabeça do Velho) a rocky outcrop known as “Old Man’s Head”

Local traditions believe Mount Bêngo to be a sacred place

Although not a major tourist destination Chimoio remains an important city and is the capital of the Manica Province in Central Mozambique. It provides a gateway for travel to and from Beira, Zimbabwe and Malawi through its infrastructure of rail and road systems that connect them. During Portuguese rule Chimoio was one of the largest agricultural centres in Mozambique with booming cotton, textile and forestry industries. On gaining its independence in 1975 Mozambique suffered years of Civil War, Chimoio was badly affected and the city declined due to lack of development. The Chicamba Real Hydroelectric-power plant on the nearby Revue River provides power for the City of Chimoio and its industry. Today Chimoio has regained its industries and is once again home to cotton and textile manufacture, the farming of agricultural products and steel and saw mills.

The City offers a number of excellent hotels and self catering accommodation and its close proximity to the Gorongosa National Park make it an ideal stop over for those travelling to the North or South of Mozambique; access to Chimoio is via tarred road and the city also has an airport.

Nearby attractions include Lake Chicamba (approximately 50km to the West of Chimoio) where self catering lodges and camping sites can be found. Commissioned in 1968 and covering an area of 160 square kilometres, the lake offers excellent bass fishing; other catches include Carp, Catfish and Bream. The lake offers excellent canoeing with many coves and inlets to be explored. The beautiful shoreline and lush flora provides for excellent bird watching and guided walks. East of Chimoio you will find the well maintained Old Windmill (Antigo moinho de vento) which is also worth a visit.

Quick Fact:

Chimoio (formerly known as Vila Pery under Portuguese administration) won its first Mozambican Football Championship title in 1969!

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