Manica Mozambique

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Manica Mozambique

Learn more about Manica in Mozambique near the Zimbabwe Border Post and the beautiful Chicamba Dam

Welcome to the market town of Manica - Situated in the Manica Province and approximately 20km from the Zimbabwean border it was once the capital of the notorious Kingdom of Manica

Manica is renowned for its sacred rock-art site at Chinhamapere Hill

The Manica Province was once at the heart of the gold-trade in medieval times!

This sprawling market town is surrounded by magnificent mountain views, and although considered a small rural town with a population of approximately 26,000 it offers the traveller a perfect stop-over point from which to explore the nearby rock paintings and the Penha Longa Mountains.

Manica provides plenty of hotel accommodation and a few lodges. Its infrastructure is reasonable and the town offers most modern amenities. Its main production is centred on agriculture and subsistence farming where maize, corn, peanuts, cassava, rice and sweet potatoes are grown. These products are sold at its many colourful markets; Manica is also an important trade centre where its produce is distributed via the main railway line between Beira and Harare.

Within the town The Museum of Geology is housed in a beautiful old wood and iron colonial building with wrap around veranda. The areas surrounding Manica are rich in geology and displays include many rocks and minerals, graphite, crystal quartz and gemstones.

The Chinhamapere sacred Rock Art site lies approximately 5km south of central Manica and is one of Mozambique’s most important heritage sites. There are various friezes and panes dating from a couple of hundred to up to 6000 years old. Some of the earlier art is the work by the Bushman and San people who inhabited the area some 2000 years ago. The site is well worth a visit with some surprisingly well preserved paintings.

To the north of Manica lies the mountainous Penha Longa area where the mountain peaks straddle the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. This mountainous range offers beautiful scenery, waterfalls and walks and where the Shona peoples traditional and vividly painted huts dot the hillsides.

Chicamba Real Dam lies to the east of Manica and is fed by the Buzi River; covering an area of approximately 160 square kilometres it offers good fishing with Bass, Catfish and Bream being some of the popular catches. There are some good lodges and self catering establishments on the banks of the dam and the many coves, inlets and river lines offer a brilliant opportunity to explore via boat or canoe.

Quick Fact:

The Chinhamapere Rock Art site is considered sacred by the by the Shona people and is used for rain making ceremonies; rain dance animals depicted in rock paintings are usually large herbivores such as antelope or hippos!

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