Kosi Bay / Ponta do Ouro Border Post Crossing

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Kosi Bay / Ponta do Ouro Border Post Crossing

Learn more about borders gates & and their opening times when entering Mozambique

Kosi Bay / Ponta do Ouro Border Post Crossing

South Africa → Mozambique
Border Opening Times: 08:00 - 17:00 / 7 days a week
Location: KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa entering Mozambique, Maputo Province (20 min from Ponta do Ouro)
GPS Coordinates: -26.864289, 32.829384
Contact Details: Tel: +27 35 592 9181

Warning: A 4x4 is required to reach Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, Ponta Mamoli and other destinations further north when crossing this border!

Kosi Bay Border Control also commonly referred to as the Ponta do Ouro border

Opening times are from 08:00 - 17:00 / 7 days a week. Be at the border early because during the busy holiday period, there can be a large que of cars waiting to get through the border. Take this into account when timing your travel to Ponta do Ouro and DO NOT BE LATE - the border closes at 5pm on the hour!

The wait at the border may take several hours so patience is key and do not act aggressive with any of the border officials.

Tips before reaching this border:

We strongly advise you fill up with fuel, visit the restroom and gather any supplies needed at Manguzi on the South African side (en-route to the Kosi Bay border) before entering Mozambique.

Note: You are NOT allowed to bring any amount of beer into Mozambique (and don't chance it)! See Mozambique Duty Free Custom & Import Restrictions for more information.

Travelling without a 4x4?

There is secure overnight parking at Skelm's (+27 82 624 6518) at the border for normal sedan vehicles / vehicles without 4x4 transmission - please contact Skelm's (or the border direct for more information) for daily parking fees (you're looking around R50 - R60 per day). 4x4 transfer services from the border to Ponta do Ouro is offered (see below).

4x4 transfer services from Kosi Bay border to Ponta do Ouro, Ponta Malongane & Ponta Mamoli:

If you are parking your vehicle at the border, then try arrange a 4x4 transfer to your destination through one of the following contacts*:

Sandra: +258 84 731 9049 or
Afonso: +258 84 769 9708 or
Izak: +258 84 200 3717

*Note: there is a charge for this service and is subject to availability.

Travelling with a 4x4?

If you are crossing with a 4x4 then we highly recommend you deflate your tire pressures to about 1.4 bar (once you cross the border). The sand road to Ponta do Ouro can be very challenging so remember to engage 4x4 transmission and perhaps bring a tow rope in case you get stuck and require assistance getting out (or for helping others who are stuck).

Vehicle regulations and documents required at the Mozambican border:

Please visit the following page Mozambique Travel Information to learn more.

Are you travelling to Santa Maria or the Maputo Elephant Reserve via this border?

Remember the reserve gates closes half an hour before sunset and opens at sunrise so plan your journey accordingly (note: you have to travel through the reserve to reach Santa Maria). The reserve's entrance fee is approximately MZN 900 per person and per vehicle. *Note - The entrance fee can change!

Directions from Durban to Kosi Bay Border:

From Durban, Travel North along the N2 highway, past Richards Bay, Mtubatuba and the St Lucia turn-off (don't take this turn-off).

Approximately 50km from the St Lucia turn-off, turn right onto the R22, (into and past Hluhluwe) for approximately 130km where you will reach a t-junction (R22 ends).

Turn right and follow this road (don't forget to stopover at Manguzi en-route for fuel and supplies - see tip above) for approximately 40km where you will eventually reach the Kosi bay Border.

Directions from Durban to Kosi Bay Border (scenic route):

From Durban, Travel North along the N2 highway, past Richards Bay, Mtubatuba and the St Lucia turn-off. When you reach Mkuze, continue 10km further along the N2 and then turn right (look out for signs going to Jozini Dam Wall).

This route take you through the scenic mountain pass which overlooks the Jozini Dam. Continue travelling on this road (don't turn right into D1823 road) until you go through the town of Jozini (fuel and supplies can be bought here) where you must keep left which will take you over the Jozini Dam wall. Once you go over the dam wall, continue to travel straight (don't turn right into the D1836 road).

Follow this road until you reach a T-junction. Turn Right onto the P522 and stay on this road for approximately 73km (don't take any left or right turns during this stretch) where you will eventually pass Manguzi (another stopover for fuel and supplies) and reach the Kosi bay Border.

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Terms & Conditions:

AccommodationMozambique.co.za cannot be held liable for any change in prices / rates, requirements & times above. This is merely a guide to help you plan your trip into Mozambique, but every attempt is made to keep the information contained herein as accurate as possible. Always check what requirements is needed by contacting the authorities directly.

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