Mozambique Travelling Tips

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Mozambique Travelling Tips

Useful and important information when travelling to Mozambique

Documents required at the Mozambique Borders:

Border & vehicle requirements:

  • Valid Passport with more than 6 months remaining until expiry date. Citizens of South Africa, Botswana, Malawi, Mauritius, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia and Zimbabwe do not require holiday visas, though all other nationalities require holiday visas (which can be obtained from the border) to get into Mozambique, (takes approx. 30min). All Nationals need a working visa only if he / she is entering Mozambique for business.
  • Valid Driver's License of the driver (SA drivers license accepted)
  • International / Mozambican driver's license if staying for longer than 6 months (can be obtained from the AA)
  • Vehicle & Boat Registration Documents
  • Get a letter from the bank allowing your vehicle across the border IF your vehicle is being financed
  • A Temporary import permit is compulsary for vehicles & must be filled in at the border (only DA341 form)
  • Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance Certificate (valid for 30 days from date issued and can be obtained from the border) per vehicle & per towed application. If you are towing anything, eg: Quad Bikes, Jetskis, a Caravan, a Trailer - you will need to attach the BLUE & YELLOW TRIANGLES to the front of your 4x4 and on the back of the towed application.
  • If you are entering the Mozambique with $US 5,000 or more, a "Declaration of entry of foreign currency" must be collected and completed at the customs desk
  • If your vehicle is longer than 6 meters, then you will be required to put reflectors on the front and rear of your vehicle.
  • Each vehicle must have the 2 red reflective triangles & 2 reflective vests
  • No drugs, firearms or explosive materials can be brought in Mozambique.

Border & vehicle costs (prices are subject to change):

  • 3rd party insurance (available at the border) is compulsary - R150 per vehicle and R80 per Trailer.
  • A Temporary import permit for vehicles and whatever trailer you are towing - R10 each.
  • Approximate total needed for the border: R350 (prices are subject to change)

Every visitor is entitled to import the following:

  • Goods to the value of $US 200, inclusive of beer and other consumables, such as meat.
  • 1 (one) litre of spirits
  • 2,5 litres (3 bottles) of wine
  • 2 cartons (or 400) cigarettes
  • Children under the age of 18 do not qualify for liquor allowances.

Safety when travelling and staying in Mozambique:

Although Mozambique does not pose a high crime rate, safety is still important when travelling and staying in a foreign country. Below are few safety tips:

  • When travelling and staying over in Mozambique, remember to lock all your car doors when you leave your vehicle.
  • Keep all valubles in a safe place when you leave the premises you are staying at.
  • When site seeing and touring, make sure to keep the valubles you are carrying close by.
  • Avoid driving at night.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Drugs are illegal and do not be tempted by offers what so ever.
  • There are no shark nets, and in any situation, always keep an eye on your children when bathing.
  • Stick to the rules and obey all signs to avoid the obvious inconveniences when breaking the law.
  • Beware of con artists and do not accept bribes.
  • Do not go off the beaten track as Mozambique is known to have undetected landmines from its past civil war in isolated areas.
  • Some areas are very protected and photo's aren't alowed.
  • Some beaches are protected and 4x4 are not permitted.
  • Respect the locals, their community and do not litter

What to bring when travelling to Mozambique:

When Travelling to Mozambique, there are a few things that we recommend that you take:

  • Petrol canister for extra fuel, especially when travelling long distances as some petrol stations run 'dry' though the busy holiday seasons and you do not want to run out of fuel for you inconvenience.
  • Spare tire incase you get a puncture or blowout
  • Wheel Jack and Wheel Spanner
  • First Aid kit
  • Sun protection
  • Hat or peak to cover the sun
  • Bathing or Beach Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Extra cash in hand incase you cannot draw or are not near an ATM
  • Bring meat from South Africa if you are planning to have a braai (barbeque) in the first few nights.
  • Cooler box to keep meat / cool drinks cool and fresh
  • Cell phone charger
  • Washing powder
  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Refuse Bags
  • Mosquito Coils, Tabard, and other Prophylactics
  • Lots of bottled water as some taps in Mozambique could be contaminated or is not fresh.
  • Camera and binoculars for all the good times spent in Mozambique :-)

TERMS & CONDITIONS: cannot be held liable for any change in rates, requirements & times above. This is merely a guide to help you plan your trip into Mozambique, but every attempt is made to keep the information contained herein as accurate as possible. Always check what requirements is needed by contacting the authorities directly.

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