Lichinga Mozambique

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Lichinga Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Lichinga in Mozambique

Welcome to Lichinga the capital of Niassa Province – set on the Lichinga Plateau 1.5km above sea level and situated in the far North of Mozambique it is home to vast forests of pine plantations

Just 60km from Lake Niassa it is the perfect stop over for supplies when heading to the Northern regions of Mozambique

Lichinga is the doorway to the fishing villages of Maponda, Metangula and Cobue which provide Lake Niassa with ferry services to various lodges up and down the banks of the lake. Metangula and Cubue are the two villages which offer steam boat trips over to the Malawian side of the lake.

It is also the gateway to the far North West of Mozambique to Niassa National Reserve, the largest protected area in Mozambique and Africa’s last untouched wilderness where huge populations of wildlife roam.

Home to a population of approximately 112,000 Lichinga offers all the basic needs and facilities the avid traveller could want. With internet cafe’s, banking facilities, fuel and garages offering servicing and parts, good hotels and accommodation, an airport and friendly community it is the perfect stop over before exploring the wild and untouched areas of the Niassa Province.

Lichinga airport receives regular flights from Beira, Nampula, Maputo and Tete; from South Africa flights leave from Johannesburg and Cape Town airports.

Although the small town of Lichinga doesn’t offer the grand colonial architecture of other Mozambique towns there are a few attractions worth seeing, such as the Blue Mosque, a visit to the main town square (Praça do Liberados) where a statue of Samora Machel (Mozambique’s first president) stands and where murals portray the recent history of Mozambique and the Governor’s house.

Quick Fact:

Lichinga was founded by the Portuguese in 1931 and named Vila Cabral, after Mozambique’s independence in 1975 the town was renamed Lichinga.

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