Savane Beach Mozambique

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Savane Beach Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Savane Beach in Mozambique

Savane is a rustic and remote beach getaway out of town, located amongst coconut trees and along the river banks of Rio Savane - a perfect escape from the bustling city of Beira.

Enjoy birdwatching, fishing and boat trips on the Rio Savane

Only 40km away from Mozambique's second largest city, beira

Only a short trip on a traditional dhow boat across the Rio Savane river will take you to the beach side of the river. The Rio Savane estuary and the long stretches of pristine beaches gives visitors the opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Fun activities in Savane include boat trips up the river mouth and through the mangroves, birdwatching, fishing in both Sea and river, kayaking, kayak fishing, beach exploring, surfing and more. Birdwatching enthusiasts will be delighted to know that Rio Savane and the estuary attracts a wide variety of bird species with common sightings of the Mangrove Kingfisher, Green-backed Woodpecker, Ayer's Hawk Eagle and the Western Osprey.

A walk further North of Savane Beach's peninsula will eventually take you to a little fishing community where the locals have conveniently setup housing and straw huts along the sand dunes whilst an array of colourful dhows boats are beached up on shore, ready to take to the waters for a busy day catching fish and prawns. Fisherman often come back from their fishing excursion out at sea or from the river banks of the estuary and sell their fresh catch for you to cook later on the braai.

Along Savane Beach, you'll also notice a tall metal tower in the distance that looks similar to a signal tower, but in fact it is actually a lighthouse! The unusual lighthouse looks a lot smaller from a distance than it really is but a closer look will show you how large it really is. Unfortunatly the lighthouse, which is solar powered, isn't in operation because the old batteries haven't been replaced. The lighthouse in any case is an interesting landmark on Savane Beach.

Take a day excursion to Beira, the second largest city in Mozambique. Beira is known as the "Ship Graveyard", so you'll have lots of fun exploring the different shipwrecks along the beaches, especially the Southern beaches of Beira. Go for a delicious lunch and a cocktail at a few popular restaurants in Beira's waterfront, including Nautico's, Bique's Restaurant and Kanimambo. Once your tummy is full and satisfied, take the time to go sightseeing in a historical town that dates back to the 16th century. Popular Historical monuments and tourist attractions include the Cathedral of Beira, the ruins of a Fort in Sofala (Fort San Gaetano) and the old delapelated, Grand Hotel.

So with all the major tourist attractions and modern facilities nearby, Rio Savane Beach certainly proves to be an ideal holiday destination


Mozambicans love clothes and if you have spare clothes (especially board shorts), then remember to take some with you, to trade with!

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