Gurue Mozambique

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Gurue Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Gurue in Mozambique

Welcome to Gurue! Located in the North of Mozambique and in the Zambezia Province

Gurue is dominated by Mount Namuli and its extensive tea plantations!

Gurue was once known as the Switzerland of Mozambique and achieved international recognition for its tea production

The surrounding landscape and climate is not what you would typically expect to find in Mozambique. Mount Namuli (the second highest peak in Mozambique) dominates the skyline - the high altitude, mountains and rich fertile valleys that surround Gurue provide a unique microclimate which gives way to cool and wet weather and where the area receives much more rainfall than surrounding districts. This temperate climate provides ideal conditions for growing tea.

Gurue Town & Shops

The bustling and bountiful market town of Gurue produces an array of crops and is surrounded by well laid out and vast tea plantations and small subsistence farms which give way to rolling hills and the valleys and foothills of Mount Namuli.

The main road runs through the centre of the town towards the town square and is separated by an island of green lawn, small shrubs and lamp posts that light the street at night. The road is lined with local shops which offer a range of supplies, including a hardware, clothing and grocery store, and ATM and bank. The local market sells everything from bicycles to colourful plastic containers and a selection of fresh produce and poultry. The Hotel Pensao Gurue offers comfortable and affordable accommodation and its restaurant is said to serve some delicious meals.

Some of the tea plantations offer accommodation, tea tours, tasting and guided walks and the opportunity to explore the history of tea production in the area. A great souvenir to take home from Gurue is of course a range local tea’s, beautifully packaged with scenes of Mount Namuli, the plantations and its tea pickers.

Gurue Cinema

It’s hard to believe but Gurue has its very own cinema! Founded in the late 1950’s it has hard wooden chairs but serves the community well. The Cinema is certainly worth a visit whilst you're in town and provides great entertainment for locals and visitors alike!

Mount Namuli 12km North East of Gurue

Mount Namuli is a leading hiking destination. Its granite rock face and domed peak tower 2419 metres above sea level. It is considered a fairly easy climb and the base of the mountain offers many good walks. The local Makua people consider the mountain sacred and an offering such as rice, flour or sorghum will usually find you in good standing with the chief who will give you “permission” to climb! There are always guides available who (often for a small reward) will guide you up the mountain. The Santinha waterfall is located on Mount Namuli’s plateau and is definitely well worth the hike and where you will find a shrine of Mother Mary.

The foothills of Mount Namuli are dotted with ravines, beautiful waterfalls and streams and provide bird lovers with an exceptional abundance of birdlife, such as the African Passerine and the rare Thyolo Alethe and Dappled Mountain Robin which are endemic to this area. The forests are home to the Vincent's Bush Squirrel which often seen whilst walking in the forests.

The summit of Mount Namuli rewards you with stunning scenery and extensive views over Gurue with its rolling hills, vast tea plantations, smallholdings and lush surrounds, and will be well worth the “gift” bestowed on the local chief and guide!

Interesting Monuments in Gurue

Mozambique is known for its beautiful colonial buildings and wherever you are there are always stunning churches and historical monuments to be seen. In Gurue you will find Independence Square with a concrete monument of the Mozambique flag, the Mozambican Heroes of National Liberation Court, a Frelimo Monument and the picturesque chapel of St. Antonio. Heading South 16km on route 484 stands a magnificent mission church with a clock tower with its stunning interior boasting paintings, statues and beautiful architecture. Just around the corner from the church is the Fraternity Padre Raimundo dos Anjos Beirao boarding school.

Quick Fact:

Before the Civil War, Gurue had the largest and most productive tea plantations in the Southern hemisphere!

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