Bilene FAQ, Mozambique

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Bilene FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Bilene in Mozambique

Is there a fuel station in Bilene?

Yes, a Petromoc fuel station is available in Bilene where you can fill up with diesel and petrol.

Fuel is cheaper in their local currency (meticais) compared to rands (or dollars). We suggest you fill-up before entering Mozambique's borders and fuel is more expensive the further north you travel!

Do I need a 4x4 to get to Bilene?

No, You can drive a normal sedan car to Bilene, though you may require a 4x4 from the Bilene village to some of the resorts which are located on either the Bilene Lagoon or Bilene Beach (Praia do Bilene). Though, some resorts DO require ONLY a 4x4 to get to their lodge, but if you are travelling in a normal Sedan Vehicle, lodges offer a transfer / Shuttle service from Bilene (at a price) to take you to their lodge. Please contact the resort / lodge that you are interested in, for more information regarding this.

We always recommend you enter Mozambique in a 4x4 because you won't be limited to where you can travel as well as the possibility of getting stuck. Note: Some borders require a 4x4 to cross. Read more about the border you are travelling through here: Mozambique Borders & Times.

For soft / loose sand driving, we recommend you deflate your tire pressures to about 1.4 bar.

Is there a safe place to park my car in Bilene?

Yes, there is safe parking available in Bilene if you are not travelling in a 4x4. Please contact the resort / lodge that you are interested in, for more information regarding this.

Can I hire a 4x4 in Bilene?

No, but you can Hire a 4x4 in Maputo. Contact Euro Rent / Imperial or Expresso Rent a Car for more information

Can you drive or ride quad bikes on Bilene's beaches?

Yes, but ONLY within designated areas otherwise you will receive a hefty fine! Ask the local police station or the lodge you're staying at to confirm where these designated areas are.

Are there Banks or ATMS in Bilene?

Yes, 2 new banks have opened up in Bilene, that accept Visa & Master Card including BCI located by the first traffic circle and a Millenium BIM ATM located on the lagoonside.

Be prepared and withdraw a sufficient amount of money in the country you are travelling from to avoid inconveniences. Keep your money in a safe / discreet place.

Are there medical facilities in Bilene?

Yes, Bilene now has a 24hr private clinic as well as a government medical facility located by the first traffic circle (bus stop) as you enter Bilene. However, an emergency evacuation to Maputo (200km south) is required in the event of a person needing serious medical attention.

Are there credit card facilities in Bilene?

We advise you confirm prior with the lodge you're staying at if they offer credit card facilities. Otherwise cash is only accepted in small shops and markets.

Are there shops / grocery stores in Bilene?

Yes, Bilene has 4 shops where you can purchase liquor / alcohol, cigarettes and other basic supplies. Fresh produce and vegetables can be bought at Bilene's local market.

Is Bilene a malaria area and do I need to take anti-malaria medication?

Yes, Mozambique as a whole is a malaria risk area / country. We recommend you take precautions and visit your nearest doctor (you need a prescription for anti-malaria medication) to prescribe you with what's recommended before you leave for Mozambique.

It is strongly advised that you take other prophylactics like insect repellent sprays, mosquito coils, light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further prevent bites (especially during late afternoons, evenings and mornings).

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Interesting Note:

Bilene is well known for its close proximity to Johannesburg and is very popular with South Africans due to the leisure options that the lagoon offers.

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