Manica Province Mozambique

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Manica Province Mozambique

Learn more about the Manica Province in Mozambique

The Manica Province has a population of 1,359,923 (2006) and is 61,661 km² and is the province that links Beira (Sofala Province) for import and export of cargos to neighbouring landlocked country's such as Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), Zambia and others country's.

Popular towns in the Manica Province Mozambique includes:

*Chimoio is the capital city of the Manica Province Mozambique

The Manica Province is divided into 9 districts:

  • Báruè District
  • Gondola District
  • Guro District
  • Machaze District
  • Macossa District
  • Manica District
  • Mossurize District
  • Sussundenga District
  • Tambara District - Web Design South Africa
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