Nahyeeni Lodge, Inhaca Island Accommodation, Mozambique

Nahyeeni Lodge

Nahyeeni Lodge is a Self Catering Lodge in Inhaca Island, Southern Mozambique

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From R1600 Per Person Sharing
Inhaca Island

Fact Sheet Facilities & what to expect at Nahyeeni Lodge

Ocean Transfers & Excurions On "Bug":

Our highly experienced skipper (Marinheiro) Goncalves looks after our Yamaha W31 vessel `Bug` which was proudly built in Mozambique by Marine Service. During your stay at Nahyeeni Lodge `Bug` would be available at any time to enjoy not only any one of the many spectacular excursions that are available around the Island, but also for water skiing, tubing and especially Whale watching during the season from mid-August through to the end of November.

For the fishing enthusiast we have all the gear required to enjoy half and full day charters and Goncalves is a seasoned fishermen that can assist and set up for even the most inexperienced person to pull in their first catch. We invite you to view our Activities and Excursions listing for all of the breathtaking outings we have on offer

  • Fully Stocked Cocktail Bar
  • Conference Facilities (coming soon)
  • Fully equipped modern kitchen
  • Bath, Pool & Beach towels
  • Fiction & Non-Fiction Library
  • Poolside sun loungers
  • Direct Access to Beach
  • Hammock
  • Wood for evening fires
  • Fresh drinking water dispenser
  • Fresh ice from our ice making machine
  • Full DSTV satellite package with large LCD flat screen
  • Coffee and tea making facilities (plunger/coffee machine) with a selection of coffees and teas
  • Limited variety of condiments and peri peri
  • Complimentary charcoal and wood for evening fires and braais (barbecues)
  • A selection of games (children and adult)
  • Hairdryers in the rooms
  • Small Safe in each room for your valuables
  • Small private fridges and coffee facilities in each of the Chalets
  • Full Laundry service (prices available in rooms or requested from the maid)
  • Masks, snorkels and fins for your snorkelling excursions

Nestled on a hilltop and set within serene, indigenous gardens affording breathtaking panoramic views of the Bay of Maputo and Ilha das Portugueses, Nahyeeni Lodge on Inhaca Island in Mozambique is located within its own exclusive grounds overlooking the Indian Ocean and is the perfect place to relax and unwind in complete privacy, whilst still offering a tropical Island adventure with a wealth of breathtaking beaches, coral reefs and exotic marine life.

Experience Of A Lifetime:

Nahyeeni Lodge is rented in its entirety to guarantee complete secluded privacy and relaxation, thus enabling us to tailor make your holiday ensuring your requirements are not only met but surpassed.

Nick and Beverley have been living in Mozambique for more than 20 years and refurbished their holiday home on Inhaca Island to become a luxurious and exclusive Lodge. It is their aim to give personalized service ensuring that each and every client maximizes their enjoyment and leisure time without detracting from the seclusion and privacy that makes Nahyeeni Lodge so special. Particular attention has been placed on ensuring that every requirement has been catered for and they strive to make sure that the clients transition from home to home is met - with mass expanses of empty tropical beaches to explore, excursions galore and sunsets made in heaven, there will never be a dull moment! Mozambique is one of the top up and coming tourist destinations in the world, it is an experience of a lifetime so be sure not to miss out.

The Property:

The Lodge boasts an impressive wooden deck directly in front of the main house, stretching out over the edge of the hill - here you can enjoy lazy lunches or relax on the plush sun loungers soaking up the sun whilst marvelling at unspoiled views of the magnificent Indian Ocean. An alternate and more private deck area leads you to either a hammock for your relaxation or affords incredible panoramic views and sunsets set amongst the tree tops teeming with birdlife that will remain imbedded on the memory for years to come.


Full Board Accommodation:

Along with incredible sunsets and luxurious accommodation, guests of Nahyeeni can look forward to charming hospitality and delicious food specially prepared for you by our man behind the frying pan, Amos Mavoe. Amos was born and raised on Inhaca Island so naturally has an indulgence and passion for seafood and in particular lulas (calamari) being his speciality, so be prepared to feast with gastronomic dishes caught and brought to you from around our Island and served on our deck overlooking the Indian Ocean.

Self-Catering Accommodation:

Nahyeeni Lodge can be rented either as self-catering, or full board dependent on each client specific needs. We will tailor make your holiday to suit your requirements.

Please review the facilities we have available at our Lodge for the self-catering option and our fully stocked bar is always available for wines, cocktails and a variety of other indulgences.

Activities & Excursions:

Our highly experienced skipper (Marinheiro) Goncalves looks after our Yamaha W31 vessel `Bug` which was proudly built in Mozambique by Marine Service. During your stay at Nahyeeni Lodge `Bug` would be available at any time to enjoy not only any one of the many spectacular excursions that are available around the Island, but also for water skiing, tubing and especially Whale watching during the season from mid-August through to the end of November.

Ponta Torres (Santa Maria):

Located on the Southern point of Inhaca Island, and sometimes mistakenly named as Santa Maria (which is actually the name of the village located on the inner bay side of Machangulo Peninsula), Ponta Torres is an excursion that MUST NOT be missed!

The boat ride takes you along the western shores of Inhaca and around Ponta Penduine where your experienced skipper will follow the winding channel past sleepy fishermen villages and mangrove swamps where flocks of Flamingos gather and Pelicans ply their trade close to the sandy tidal shores.

Be sure to be on the lookout for Whimbrils, Giant Egrets, a variety of Kingfishers, including the rare Mangrove Kingfisher, Yellow billed Kites, Herons, Storks, Crowned Hornbills and the occasional Fish Eagle!

Ponta Torres is a protected Marine coral reef and Reserve, which affords some quite incredible snorkelling opportunities on the incoming tide when the clearer waters are being pushed in - do not miss the huge schools of Bigeye Kingfish and Natal Moonies amongst the proliferation of reef fish and colours that are on show - this is truly a veritable paradise!

You can walk the stunning, deserted beaches along the coral rock formation until you reach the edge of the Island with Machangulo Peninsula and the mainland in front of you, separated only by a few hundred meters by an area notoriously known as Hells Gate, due to its rough and tricky exit to the Indian Ocean.

Please be advised that there is a charge of 200.00mtn per person for snorkelling at the Ponta Torres Reserve, payable to the Marine Park Guards on duty.

Please ensure that you do not touch any coral, rocks or marine life in any manner or form - no shells or other such souvenirs may be taken from any Reserve Area on Inhaca Island. Take only your photographs and leave only with your memories!

Whale Watching

During the months of July through to the end of November, migrating Humpback Whales and the occasional Southern Right Whale frequent the shores of Inhaca to mate, give birth and nurture their offspring before making their long and arduous journey back to the Antarctic to feed.

Up to 30 to 40 Humpback Whales a day have been spotted on occasion around Inhaca Island and there are no words that can describe the humility you feel being in their presence. Humpback whales are an endangered species. In the past, the global humpback whale population size was about 750,000 to 2 million animals whereas the current global population is estimated to be about 30 to 40 thousand.

Having migrated south from rich northern waters provisioned with tons of blubber, the Humpbacks do not feed for the duration of their tropical visit. Instead they devote all of their energy to birthing and nursing a new generation of young, or in courting and mating to create the next.

The topside observer is treated to a full array of individual and group surface behaviours including a variety of thrilling breaches, pectoral fin slapping, spy hopping, peduncle throws and lob tailing. It is possible to be able to witness all these behaviours in a day's excursion!

Where Dolphins are family-based and highly social, Whales are anti-social. If you see two 40-foot-long grown whales together, usually one is a female and the other a male. If you see three, it's usually two beaux vying for her attention, and this can be particularly noticeable during the early months of the mating season when their testosterone levels are high and they are eager to find a mate. The presence of a receptive female can lead to competitive rowdy groups as challenging males physically struggle to displace her escort.

When a whale dives, air is compressed in its lungs. Upon reaching the surface, the air is exhaled through the whale's blowholes. The exhaled air expands, causing the temperature to decrease, thereby condensing into water vapour. The blow is quite visible and can reach heights of 20 feet. In concert with the blow is the sound of rushing air that can be heard up to 800 feet away. The blow of a humpback whale is unique to each animal and a great way to distinguish between types of whales.

On average, adult humpback whales take a breath every ten to fifteen minutes, but can remain submerged for as long as forty-five minutes. Calves must rise to the surface every three to five minutes to breathe. The trip can take up to 3 hours and sighting of Whales is not guaranteed. Please look out for Bottlenose and Spinner Dolphins who are frequently spotted around these northern waters of the Island.

Sea Kayak & Water Sports

Nahyeeni has 2 sea kayaks available for usage at your leisure, single and double skull and we highly recommend an early morning paddle on the serene, clear, turquoise waters as the sun slowly rises over the Island from the east. Alternately you can paddle your way along the shoreline south to visit the Museum at the Biology Station or paddle north where you will pass the local airport and then drift amongst the spectacular mangrove swamps with their exceptionally crystal clear waters - whichever way, make sure you pack some refreshments, hat and sun lotion!

Water skiing can be enjoyed directly in front of the Lodge where conditions are normally ideal - skis are readily available at the Lodge for your convenience. Inhaca is a fantastic venue for the kite surf enthusiast - don`t miss out on the opportunity and bring your gear along with you! (Our Lodge currently does not supply kite surfing equipment)

Lighthouse Trip (Via Boat):

When the incoming tide is high enough, the boat will take you between Inhaca and Portuguese Island to a deserted part of beach close to the northern tip of the Island - from here, for those who are adventurous to try, a +/- 3km return walk across the sands and through tropical forest areas will take you to the Inhaca Lighthouse (Farol) where the light keeper will allow you, for a small donation, to climb to the top of the tower and marvel at the truly breathtaking expanse and beauty of both Inhaca Island and the Great Indian Ocean.

A guide will accompany you along this trip and we strongly recommend the usage of footwear due to the extreme heat of the summer sand! We must advise that this is a tough climb with steep inclines, but one that is more than worth the effort! This is an excursion that must not be missed, a truly awe inspiring expedition!! For those looking for a more relaxed, less strenuous excursion, a walk along the beach will bring you close to the northern tip of Inhaca Island where you would be able to glimpse the last visible part of the old lighthouse shipwreck, the M/S Tecumseh that went down in November 1932, and enjoy the many rock pools that abound in this area when the tide is out - here you will find an abundance of juvenile fish, crabs, cleaner shrimps and even moray eels - large, enticing rock pools also call you in to relax and unwind

Fishing Charters

Fishing opportunities abound around Inhaca Island for every type of enthusiast with a number of world class spots to choose from. Enjoy either a full or half day charter with a limited amount of fishing tackle available on request. Whether you prefer to trawl, jig, spin, or fly fish, some of the most exciting game fishing may be found around Inhaca - Various species of Kingfish including the elusive Giant Kingfish (Caranx Ignobilis), Barracuda, Dorado, Sierra, Queenfish, Wahoo, Job, Yellow fin tuna and Sailfish amongst others, not forgetting of course the magnificent Black, Striped and/or Blue Marlin. Inhaca has also, for many years, been a favourite destination for fly fishing for that ever elusive Bone Fish.

Deep sea fishing charters can be organized through prior arrangement. Kindly note that Nahyeeni Lodge, in line with international fishing practices, strictly abides by the tag and release principal, ensuring a sustainable use of this resource - please respect these restrictions.

cpr - catch, photograph, release

Sunset Cruise

Whilst the sun is setting in the western skies over the distant silhouetted shapes of Maputo City, pamper yourselves with a sunset cruise and maximize the tranquillity of the moment! The cruise will take approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, excluding drinks.

Coral Gardens / Barreira Vermelha

On the incoming tide, a short boat ride south will take you to Barreira Vermelha, more commonly known as Coral Gardens, where you can jump into the warm, shallow waters of the Indian Ocean and enjoy some incredible snorkelling opportunities where coral growth, due to the shallowness and protection of the waters in this area, continues to thrive - marvel at the size of the Plate and Brain Corals and spot the juvenile damsels and Chocolate Dips hiding in between Stag Corals. You may even see the occasional Loggerheads Turtle!

Biology Museum

Take a leisurely walk along the stunning western shores of Inhaca to the museum at the Biology Station (about two hour walk return) - a large variety of well preserved and pickled marine life as well as a complete skeleton of the highly endangered Dugong amongst a whole array of other interesting items make this journey one well worth taking.

The Museum is run by the University of Eduardo Mondlane in Maputo and there is also a Research Station attached to the Museum (Kindly note that there is a small fee of approximately $1.00 to pay for adults entering the museum and we highly recommend that you take along enough water with you as there is no shop or facilities at the destination. Alternately you can charter our boat Bug to take the short boat ride down the western shores!

Getting Here:

Nahyeeni Lodge offers client transfers from Maputo Marina in Maputo City to Inhaca Island with a maximum of 12 people per trip (weather dependent). On arrival at the Island our staff will take care of logistics with regards to the delivery of your baggage whilst you enjoy the leisurely stroll up the wooden stairs directly from the beach. The crossing to Inhaca takes approximately one hour - please contact us for rates and further information.

Alternatively you may catch the Government run ferry (Nyeleti) which runs every day except Tuesday and Thursday and leaves from the Catembe Bridge crossing at 7.30am (crossing time of approximately 2 to 3 hours).

Flights in private smaller fixed wing airplanes are also available from the Maputo International Airport (flights take approximately 10 to 15 minutes) - a transport fee would also be charged to collect and deliver clients from the airport. Should you be arriving at the Maputo International Airport, please make arrangements beforehand so we may organize to collect you from the airport should this be so required.

Nahyeeni Lodge 2024 Rates:*Rates are subject to change without prior notice

From R1600 Per Person Sharing:

Based per person sharing per night on a Self Catering Basis. Please see rates for more information.

Reminder, there's a handy calculator at the bottom left-hand side of your screen (under 'Useful Tools' if you're on a mobile device)

Nahyeeni Lodge

Rates are per person per night

Self Catering Package:
Per Adult: R1600 per night
Per child (4-12 years): R800 per night
Babies and Toddlers: Free
Full Board Package:
Per Adult: R2600 per night
Per child (4-12 years): R1300 per night
Babies and Toddlers: Free

Boat Transfers

Boat Transfers from Maputo/Inhaca/Maputo are charged at a rate of R7500 per transfer with a maximum of 13 pax.

The boat will stay at the Lodge for the duration of your visit in order to enjoy many of the fantastic excursions available - please enquire with our staff for our excursion listing.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A 50% deposit on the total quoted value is required on confirmation of booking, payable either in cash, cheque (made out to Nahyeeni Lodge Limitada) or bank transfer with the remaining 50% payment to be concluded 15 days prior to departure. This deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE and is based upon the number of guests originally booked
  2. All Excursions/boat charter accounts and bar bills are to be settled on day of departure from Inhaca ((POS machine available at the Lodge)
  3. Nahyeeni Lodge will not be held responsible for any injuries, accidents, and/or otherwise which may occur from the usage, or otherwise, of the swimming pool, stairs, decks and/or any of the other facilities located at the Lodge
  4. Damage caused to property and/or goods may be liable to full payment
  5. Loss of any item belonging to the Lodge and used during excursions would be charged accordingly
  6. Boat charters and/or excursions are limited to a maximum of 12 people plus the skipper in good weather and 9 people plus skipper in bad weather (the skipper will determine the state of the weather at the time)
  7. Nahyeeni Lodge will not be held responsible for any accident and/or injury occurring during any excursion/charter/transfer on the vessel BUG which is not the direct result of a mechanical breakdown and/or conclusively proven indiscretion from the skipper
  8. Nahyeeni Lodge will not be held responsible for any accident and/or injury occurring during any excursion/charter/transfer completed by vehicle on Inhaca Island. All vehicle trips undertaken by the client on Inhaca Island are at their own risk.
  9. Nahyeeni Lodge will not be responsible for the loss and/or theft of any property and/or otherwise for the duration of the stay at the Lodge
  10. Nahyeeni Lodge is not responsible for any fees and/or taxes resulting from entering/leaving Maputo Marina including the parking of vehicles
  11. Nahyeeni Lodge will pay Inhaca Nature Reserve Taxes on behalf of the client for the duration of the stay - please make sure you keep these receipts with you on all excursions
  12. Nahyeeni Lodge is not responsible for any fees and/or taxes levied by the Parks Board for snorkelling and/or scuba diving undertaken at Ponta Torres (Santa Maria) or any other deemed Reserve Area
  13. In the event of any premature departure, it is our policy to charge the full extent of the stay, which has been booked and confirmed
  14. These terms are strictly non-negotiable and receipt of a deposit or pre-payment assumes unconditional agreement to these terms.

Our Location Map Location of Nahyeeni Lodge

-26.007671, 32.914320

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Nahyeeni Lodge
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Max Occupancy 13
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Inhaca Island, Maputo Province, Mozambique
R1600 Per Person Sharing (*See Rates)

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