Ponta do Ouro FAQ, Mozambique

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Ponta do Ouro FAQ

Frequently asked questions about Ponta do Ouro in Mozambique


Yes, there is a fuel station in Ponta do Ouro, although its best to fill up your tank in Manguzi (town en-route and just before the Mozambique / Kosi Bay Border) because there has been cases in Ponta do Ouro where the fuel has been contaminated.

Click here to see our Pictorial Mozambique Map which indicates where you can find fuel stations. The "F" icon indicates a fuel station.

Fuel is cheaper in their local currency (meticais) compared to rands (or dollars). We suggest you fill up before entering Mozambique's borders and fuel is more expensive the further north you travel!

Yes, although you can drive up to the Mozambican Border in a regular 2WD without the need of high ground clearance where there is secure overnight parking areas on both the South African and Mozambican side of the border for you to park your vehicle during your stay in Ponta do Ouro at approximately R50 - R60 per night (price is subject to change).

Skelm's Parking (South African side): +27 82 624 6518
Part-it Ponta (Mozambican side): +258 84 580 8525

Transfers services from the Mozambican Border to Ponta do Ouro via 4x4 are offered at a fee (approximately R200 per person return) but please get in touch with the following contacts below for clarification. Check with the lodge that you are staying at, if they provide a transfer service from the Border to Ponta do Ouro!

Alfonso: +258 84 769 9708 or
Sandra: +258 84 731 9049 or
Izak: +258 84 200 3717

We always recommend you enter Mozambique in a 4x4 because you won't be limited to where you can travel as well as the possibility of getting stuck. Note: Some borders require a 4x4 to cross. Read more about the border you are travelling through here: Mozambique Borders & Times.

For soft / loose sand driving, we recommend you deflate your tire pressures between 1 ➜ 1.4 bar.

Most of the beaches in Mozambique and Ponta do Ouro are strictly forbidden to drive on and you can receive a hefty fine if caught doing so. You are only allowed to drive on beaches within designated areas to launch your boat or sea vessel. Depending on where you're travelling to, please ask authorities, the manager of the lodge or a knowledgeable local resident of the area before attempting to drive on any beach.

Only conservancy officials are given more freedom to drive on the beaches to perform routine checkups on the coast's fauna and flora. This doesn't mean you can drive where they can.

We also strongly advise when travelling along Mozambique's roads that you keep on the beaten track and not venture off-road.

Opening times are from 08:00 - 17:00 / 7 days a week. Be at the border early because during the holiday period, there can be a large queue of cars waiting to get through the border. Take this into account when timing your travel to Ponta do Ouro. Note: DO NOT BE LATE! Plan your trip wisely so that you do not get to the border too late as the border closes 5pm sharp!

Distance from Johannesburg to Mozambique border at Ponta do Ouro / Kosi Bay is approx. 630km (5-6 hour journey - all depending on weather, road constructions and conditions etc.)

Distance from Durban to Mozambique border at Ponta do Ouro / Kosi Bay is approx. 460km (4-5 hour journey - all depending on weather, road constructions and conditions etc.)

The best route is to go along the N17 to Bethal and Ermelo, onto the N2 past Piet Retief, past Pongola, turn left just after the Pongolapoort / Jozini Dam off the N2 highway. Drive though the mountain pass and over the Jozini Dam wall. Follow signs to 'Kosi Bay' and 'Border Post'. Stop over at Manguzi, where you can fill up with petrol and get basic supplies.

From Durban, Travel North along the N2 highway, past Richards Bay, Mtubatuba and the St Lucia turn-off (don't take this turn-off).

Approximately 50km from the St Lucia turn-off, turn right onto the R22, (into and past Hluhluwe) for approximately 130km where you will reach a t-junction (R22 ends).

Turn right and follow this road (don't forget to stopover at Manguzi en-route for fuel and supplies - see tip above) for approximately 40km where you will eventually reach the Kosi bay Border.

From Durban, Travel North along the N2 highway, past Richards Bay, Mtubatuba and the St Lucia turn-off. When you reach Mkuze, continue 10km further along the N2 and then turn right (look out for signs going to Jozini Dam Wall).

This route take you through the scenic mountain pass which overlooks the Jozini Dam. Continue travelling on this road (don't turn right into D1823 road) until you go through the town of Jozini (fuel and supplies can be bought here) where you must keep left which will take you over the Jozini Dam wall. Once you go over the dam wall, continue to travel straight (don't turn right into the D1836 road).

Follow this road until you reach a T-junction. Turn Right onto the P522 and stay on this road for approximately 73km (don't take any left or right turns during this stretch) where you will eventually pass Manguzi (another stopover for fuel and supplies) and reach the Kosi bay Border.

No, there is no car rental services in Ponta do Ouro - only in main towns and cities in Mozambique.

Yes, there is a bank with ATMs that only accept Visa Credit Cards.

Be prepared and withdraw a sufficient amount of money either in the country you are travelling from and / or in large cities and towns in Mozambique to avoid inconveniences. Please remember to always keep your money in a safe and discreet place

We kindly advise you ask and confirm with the venue you're staying at or visiting if they offer credit card facilities prior to taking on their services. Otherwise cash is ONLY accepted in small shops and markets, so it's important to have cash on-hand.

Yes, both Ponta do Ouro & Ponta Malongane (villages are 7km apart) have shops where one can purchase sim cards + data.

Yes, there is 1 shopping centre in Ponta do Ouro, which has all the basics.

We also advise that you buy and take your own vacuum packed meat (if feasible) for the first night or 2 (if you are going to be self catering) in a cooler box with ice. Please see our Duty Free & Customs page for more information. Check with the lodge if they sell ice or if they have a freezer to store your meat during your stay.

Yes, Mozambique as a whole is a malaria risk area / country. We recommend you take precautions and visit your nearest doctor (you need a prescription for anti-malaria medication) to prescribe you with what's recommended before you leave for Mozambique.

It is strongly advised that you take other prophylactics like insect repellent sprays, mosquito coils, light long sleeve tops and bottoms to further prevent bites (especially during late afternoons, evenings and mornings).

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Holiday Destinations Near Ponta do Ouro:

The area of Ponta do Ouro is characterized under: Beach Getaways Diving & Snorkeling Festivity Lakeside & Dams Peace & Tranquillity

Ponta do Ouro Reviews thus far:

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Ponta do Ouro

A very popular holiday destination only a 5 / 6 hours drive from Durban or Johannesburg. Welcome to Ponta do Ouro (also Ponta Mamoli & Ponta Malongane - all within 17kms of each other) located just outside the Kosi Bay / Ponta do Ouro border post of South Africa.

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Environmentally friendly establishments built by local communities using naturally sourced / non-toxic materials with the objective of protecting the surrounding habitat. These types of lodges range from rustic bush and beach to luxury accommodation. Not only does this movement protect the environment, but it also helps support local families.

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Self Catering:

This type of establishment offers guests facilities required to cater / cook on their own terms whether it be within a holiday home for example or on communal grounds.


This means the establishment has spa facilities and services offered to guests who are looking for personal treatments during their vacation.

Tours & Safaris:

These business services can range from swimming with dolphins, horse riding, city tours, boat tours, island tours, dhow tours to game drives and more. You'll have to click on their advert to find out more and what they have to offer.

Wedding Venue:

This means, the venue has all the on-site facilities and catering services to host large or small weddings and ceremonies. Depending on the size of the wedding, some may have enough units to accommodate all wedding guests.