Dedza / Calomue Border Post Crossing

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Dedza / Calomue Border Post Crossing

Learn more about borders gates & and their opening times when entering Mozambique

Dedza / Calomue Border Post Crossing

Mozambican side
Border Opening Times: 06:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Dedza, Central Region, Malawi entering Mozambique, Tete Province
GPS Coordinates: -14.403227, 34.323449
Contact Details: Tel: +265 99 943 2744

An aerial view of Dedza (Malawi) and the surrounding area

This border is located approximately 100km south (± 1hr drive) of Lilongwe, Malawi. The M1 road leading to Dedza and the border is tarred and in good condition.

Locals seen walking around Dedza (Malawi) located near the border

Because you are entering a relatively remote area in Mozambique, we highly recommend you fill up with fuel at the BP or Total in Dedza (Malawi) just before the border. You can also gather supplies, draw money (including a Standard Bank ATM), purchase food / groceries, liquor (note: beer is not allowed into Mozambique - see Mozambique Duty Free Custom & Import Restrictions for more information) and get something to eat and drink in Dedza before embarking your journey through Mozambique. The "Dedza Pottery" is recommended for a good meal.

Ulongwe (Mozambique) located along the N304 is another good stopover for basic supplies and food.

Directions to Tete from the border:

As you cross the border into Mozambique, you will be on the N304 which is tarred (no 4x4 needed) and leads all the way to Tete for 270km. There is a little town called Ulongwe (Mozambique) 38km along the N304 where one can stop over for basics supplies (including liquor and beer). There is also a well managed restaurant "Restaurante Green Ville - Angonia" to grab something delicious to eat.

Directions to the Tete from the Dedza / Calomue Border.

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Dedza / Calomue Border Post Crossing

Malawian side
Border Opening Times: 08:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Tete Province, Mozambique entering Malawi, Central Region, Dedza
GPS Coordinates: -14.400101, 34.325394
Contact Details: Tel: +265 9 616 908
*See information above
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