Mandimba - Chiponde Border Post Crossing

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Mandimba - Chiponde Border Post Crossing

Learn more about borders gates & and their opening times when entering Mozambique

Mandimba Border Post Crossing

Mozambican side
Border Opening Times: 06:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: M3 (road), Chiponde (approx. 55km East of Mangochi), Southern Region, Malawi entering EN8 (road), Mozambique, Niassa Province, 3km from Mandimba
GPS Coordinates: -14.369577, 35.618228
Contact Details: Tel: +258 27 120 446
Tel: +258 82 391 9490
Tel: +258 82 391 9490

Warning: Road conditions leading to Lichinga north and Cuamba south-east are notoriously deteriorated. Although a 4x4 is not necessary, expect a reduced average speed as low as 25km/h on these roads due to countless potholes and road detours caused by heavy rainfall. It may take you up to 6 hours (weather permitting) to reach Cuamba or Lichinga, both 160km from the border (ignore Google Maps travel time predictions in this area).

Stunning sunset view of Lake Malawi near Mangochi en-route along the M3 to Chiponde border

Beautiful lakeside scenery in Mangochi, Malawi

The 52km route along the M3 and up the mountain pass in Malawi from Mangochi to Chiponde (border town) is absolutely stunning as well as the drive north to Lichinga. Although there's a lot of conflicting information regarding road conditions to Lichinga / Cuamba from the border, please expect the worst case scenario and be pleasantly surprised if road conditions have improved (since our latest report).

Travel Tips

Mandimba is the closest town in Mozambique from the border. Here you can purchase basic supplies, fill up with fuel and withdraw up to Mt 5000 from BIM ATMs (which accept VISA and Mastercard). Both towns of Cuamba and Lichinga have ATMs where you can withdraw more money and fuel up.

Directions to Lichinga

Directions to Lichinga from the Mandimba - Chiponde Border.

Travel 5km to Mandimba (there is a fuel station here) and turn left on the N249 and travel all the way north to Lichinga which is approximately 160km from the border.

Directions to Cuamba

Directions to Cuamba from the Mandimba - Chiponde Border.

Travel along the EN8 from Mandimba to Cuamba which is also approximately 160km from the border.

Road to Mandimba (Mozambique)

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Chiponde Border Post Crossing

Malawian side
Border Opening Times: 06:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Mandimba, Niassa Province, Mozambique entering Malawi, Southern Region, Chiponde
GPS Coordinates: -14.371205, 35.602072
Contact Details: Currently unavailable
*See information above
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