Namoto - Kilambo Ferry Border Post Crossing

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Namoto - Kilambo Ferry Border Post Crossing

Learn more about borders gates & and their opening times when entering Mozambique

Namoto Border Post Crossing

Mozambican side
Border Opening Times: 07:00 - 19:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Nearby Madimba (approx. 40km South of Mtwara), Mtwara Region, Tanzania entering Mozambique (approx. 130km North of Mocimbia da Praia), Cabo Delgado Province, nearby Quionga
GPS Coordinates: -10.535457, 40.388747
Contact Details (Ferry Captain): Tel: +255(0)75 486 9357
Tel: +255(0)78 772 4928

Warning: We strongly encourage visitors not to enter or travel through the northern regions of the Cabo Delgado Province due to recent and ongoing attacks in the area. Areas to completely avoid include Pangane, Mocimboa da Praia, Palma, Quionga as well as the Namoto - Kilambo Ferry Border and Negomano / Mtambaswala (Unity Bridge) Border.

The Namoto - Kilambo Ferry border is located 40km from Mtwara Tanzania crossing the Ruvuma River mouth into Mozambique. The relatively new barge-like ferry can transport approximately 6 4x4s or 8 smaller vehicles across the river.

Departure times depend entirely on the tide (water must be at least 3 meters deep) and will vary from day to day. To avoid any inconveniences, please call Captain Dula on +255(0)78 772 4928 who is in charge of the ferry to discuss departure times and boarding room availability for the particular day you arrive because sometimes they load the ferry and depart the next morning (or when the tide is high enough).

Travel Suggestions from Tanzania into Mozambique

We strongly suggest you either travel through the Matchedje Border 130km south of Songea (Tanzania) or go through Malawi via the Songwe Border (link opens in a new window and to our Malawian website) into Mozambique.

Alternative route into Mozambique via Malawi

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Kilambo Ferry Border Post Crossing

Tanzanian side
Ferry Departure Times: 7:00am - 08:00am / 7 days a week
Location: Nearby Quionga, Cabo Delgado Province, Mozambique entering Tanzania, Mtwara Region, nearby Madimba
GPS Coordinates: -10.519110, 40.380489
Contact Details (Ferry Captain): Tel: +255(0)75 486 9357
Tel: +255(0)78 772 4928
*See information above
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Terms & Conditions: cannot be held liable for any change in rates, requirements & times above. This is merely a guide to help you plan your trip into Mozambique, but every attempt is made to keep the information contained herein as accurate as possible. Always check what requirements is needed by contacting the authorities directly.

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