Mozambique Vehicle & Trailer Regulations

Mozambique Vehicle & Trailer Regulations

We have put together a simple guide for you to understand what your vehicle and / or towed application will need when travelling into Mozambique including reflective tapes, stickers and other important requirements


We have put together a simple guide for all vehicle and trailer requirements going into Mozambique including graphics to illustrate (see below).

Although trailers generally come standard with red, white and amber reflective tape, you may want to take a look at our illustrations below to make sure your trailer's reflective tape is in the correct location with matching colours (for those who are travelling to Mozambique with a trailer).


Vehicle & Trailer Requirements for Mozambique

Required Recommended
Indication of Vehicle Origin
To be placed on the back, right-hand side (driver's side) of your vehicle and trailer
Blue & Yellow Triangular Stickers
Front, right-hand side (driver's side) of your vehicle +
Back, right-hand side (driver's side) of the trailer
2 x Red Warning Triangles
(trailers require 2 additional warning triangles)
Fluorescent Safety Jackets / Vests
Extra Set Of Vehicle Keys
Standard White, Red & Amber Reflective Tape on Trailers
On the front, back and sides of the trailer
1kg Fire Extinguisher
Spare Wheel & Other Tools

Indication of Vehicle Origin


Any vehicle and trailer entering Mozambique must have a country of origin sticker that indicates the country it's registered in (for example: the South African country of origin sticker is ZA). The decal must be visible for officials to see and can be purchased from your local Automobile Association (AA) or from a typical automobile / 'outdoor' store.

Anywhere on the back of your vehicle and trailer but must always be on the right-hand side (drivers side) and the sticker must be more than 150mm from the number plate.

Unless your vehicle's bodywork is Aluminium - Try source the magnetic version of the "sticker" so that it is easy to remove when not needed. Otherwise we recommend placing the sticker on the back window (but not obstructed by a canopy) for easier removal (as opposed to the body panel).

Blue & Yellow Triangular Stickers

*Required for trailers and vehicles towing (but see tip below for vehicles not towing)

Travellers towing trailers, caravans or any other application in Mozambique must obtain 2 Blue & Yellow Triangular Stickers - 1 for the front of the vehicle and 1 for the back of the trailer or towed application.

Trailer: 1 x sticker applied to the back, right-hand side (drivers side).
Vehicle: 1 x sticker applied to the front, right-hand bumper (drivers side).

A "For Good Measure" Tip:
Even if you are not towing anything, we still advise you apply a blue & yellow triangular sticker to the front of your vehicle to avoid being pulled over by traffic officials.

Red Warning / Breakdown Triangles


We recommend you acquire good quality triangles from the AA (or any other automobile store) with sides no less than 500mm in length.

2 x breakdown triangles per vehicle

Extra Requirements When Towing:
If you are towing a trailer then you must acquire 2 more triangles (vehicle + trailer = 4 triangles)

Fluorescent Safety Jackets / Vests


You are required to equip your vehicle with 2 x Fluorescent Safety Jackets / Vests (luminous yellow or green) when entering Mozambique.

Extra Set Of Vehicle Keys


You are required to carry an extra / duplicate set of car keys.

Standard Red, White & Amber Reflective Tape for Trailers

*Required - Your current trailer must correspond closely with the information below.

As illustrated above - your trailer must have:

1) White rectangular reflectors on the front of the trailer.
2) Red rectangular reflectors on the back of the trailer.
3) Continuous amber reflective tape horizontally across the sides and back of the trailer.

A "For Good Measure" Tip:

Although trailers generally come standard with these factory fitted reflectors, please ensure yours has continuous amber reflective tape horizontally across the back (a lot of trailers don't).
If not - then we highly suggest you buy and apply amber reflective tape across the back so that traffic officials don't have an excuse to stop you.

Fire Extinguisher

*Not required but recommended for good measure

We recommend you equip your vehicle with a serviceable fire extinguisher (traffic officials sometimes call it a "sting fire") and it should be SAZ or International Standards Authority approved. Light Vehicles should be equipped with a fire extinguisher no less than 0.75kgs. 1kg is recommended because they more widely available. As long as the fire extinguisher is over 0.75kgs in mass. Heavy Vehicles should be equipped with a fire extinguisher no less than 1.5kgs.

Secured anywhere in a safe and shaded spot within your vehicle.

A "For Good Measure" Tip:
We recommend you equip your vehicle with a fire extinguisher to avoid any reason for a fine and for personal safety reasons in case you end up in a situation where it would be beneficial.

Spare Wheel & Other Tools

*Not required but recommended for good measure

A "For Good Measure" Tip:
We recommend you equip your vehicle with a serviceable and inflated spare wheel with sufficient tread (must be the same size as the other wheels), car jack and a wheel spanner

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