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Learn more about the beautiful country of Mozambique on the eastern coast of Africa

Maputo is the capital city of Mozambique and can be found in the most southern region of Mozambique in the Maputo City Province. Mozambique, a very popular tourist destination, lies just above South Africa on the eastern Coast of southern Africa. Having put their dreadful past behind, Moçambicans have been re-building and restoring their beautiful country at a very fast rate with tourism playing a major role in their efforts. Maputo sits on a hillside, overlooking a majestic bay where tourists are often fascinated by the city's welcoming diverse culture and historical architecture, which some date as far back as the 16th Century. With plenty of arts & craft shops, restaurants & nightlife, Maputo is definitely a place to visit, offering a lot for the wandering visitor.

Mozambique with its sub tropical - tropical climate has so much to see and do.

Beautiful clear waters, white sand and blue skies, make this destination the perfect place to spend your holiday. Visitors often travel to Mozambique to spend their time off, snorkeling, scuba diving and enjoying the hot sun and warm waters.
With plenty of resorts / lodges / hotels and other accommodation situated on Mozambique's spectacular beaches, Mozambicans have really taken advantage of their stunning coastline. There are also plenty of top class game reserves for the Game and bird watching enthusiasts.
The most popular times of the year occur around the Chistmas and Easter holidays, so if you are interested in visiting Mozambique, make sure to book accommodation early to avoid disappointment and the mad rushes.

Depending on the individual person, the best times to visit Mozambique is generally between May and late January. Mozambique experiences lower temperatures and rainfall between May - November (dry season) with temperatures averaging aprroximately 18.4° to 20°C (65° - 68°F).

Between November and January (wet season) temperatures can reach a scorching high of 37°. Average temperatures generally range between 26.6°C and 29.4°C (80°F and 85°F). Extremely high rainfalls and even floodings occur between the months of February - April. So roads can be difficult, if not impossible to go through in the centre and southern regions. So take this into consideration if you travelling around that time of the year.

Mozambique Accommodation

If you're planning to go on Holiday to Mozambique, then click here to start your Search for Accommodation, Self Catering Lodges,, B&B's Hotels and Campsites in Mozambique

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Mozambique Map

If you have heard of a town but aren't too sure of it's location or if you're curious to just exploit different towns located all over Mozambique, then click here to view our full Road / Town Map of Mozambique

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Mozambique Towns & Cities

With over 50 Mozambique Towns & Destinations to learn and discover, Our website provides you useful information about each town of interest in Mozambique, from Accommodation, Attractions and Activities to do, Weather Forecasts to general questions people ask when traveling to Mozambique

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Mozambique Provinces & Regions

Mozambique is divided into 11 Different Provinces. Find out more information and learn about each province in Mozambique

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Mozambique Border Posts

If you are traveling to Mozambique from another country, then you will need to take a look at this section for important information regarding various Borders Gates from neighbouring Countries like South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi and Tanzania, that enter into Mozambique

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Mozambique Travel Information

We have put together a variety of useful tips when Traveling to Mozambique, from Documents Needed at the Mozambique Borders, Safety Tips and Items we recommend you bring when Traveling to Mozambique

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Mozambique Currency

Mozambique's currency is measured in Meticais. Click here to calculate the exchange rate between your currency and Mozambique Meticais

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Mozambique Malaria & Prevention

Malaria a serious an infectious disease that's known to plague mainly Africa (including South Africa), third world countries and in other countries within tropical climates. Click here for more Information and Malaria prevention

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Mozambique Historical Landmarks

Mozambique boasts a remarkable presence of historical monuments, chapels, forts, ruins and buildings with beautiful architecture that still exist from as far back as the early 1500's. Click here to learn more

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