Nacala Mozambique

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Nacala Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Nacala in Mozambique

Deep waters in Nacala and surrounding areas offer one of the best scuba diving spots in Mozambique. The neat and clean town of Nacala is situated on the coast about 112km North of Ilha de Mozambique and about 175km East of Nampula. One of the most beautiful and tropical ports in Mozambique.

The port serves not only Mozambique but a terminal for landlocked countries such as Malawai, in which The 'Nacala corridor' links them up - a reliable railway and road network going through towns of Nampula, Cuamba, Lichinga and to Malawi.

Because of the civil war and the insurrection by antigovernment guerrillas in the 1980s, the port only handles about 5% of the countries shipment.

Nacala has all the basic facilities and supplies including an airport, great accommodation, hotels, seafood restaurants, fuel stations, a hospital, banks and local markets to buy fresh produce.

Spectacular views of the harbour, town and bay can be seen from the main roads further inland. In the Nacala town, there are only a few little attractions. The Nacala Cathedral is a cute church surrounded by lovely greenery and tall palm trees. Enjoy amazing bay views down at the quiet harbour as local fishermen sail around in their traditionally crafted dhows.

If you drive 7km north, you will pass an airport and another cathedral. If you travel 5km further, you'll reach a tiny village and a stunning beach called Praia Fernal Velosa (Maaia). The beach sand is very soft and fine with shallow, bright turquoise waters, especially Relanzapo Beach on the eastern side of the peninsula.

Some excellent unspoiled staghorn coral reefs can also be explored off and around the shores of Nacala!

Quick Fact:

Nacala's port is the 2nd deepest port in the world (as deep as 200m)!!

Nacala Accommodation
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