Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi) Mozambique

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Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi) Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi) in Mozambique

A wild and untouched paradise and one of the Great Lakes of the Great Rift Valley. Welcome to Lake Niassa - Located in the North West corner of Mozambique it is the 9th largest fresh water lake in the world and is shared by both the country of Malawi and Mozambique. The border runs vertically down the centre of the lake and on the Malawi side it is known as Lake Malawi. Lake Niassa has an abundance of fish species, exotic rock features and pure white sandy shores!

At over 560 kilometres long, with a maximum width of 75 kilometres and depth of 706 metres Lake Niassa is home to a myriad of colourful fish species, of which more than 350 are exclusive to this particular lake. One of the largest and bio-diverse freshwater lakes in the world its waters are warm and crystal clear, its shores are enveloped with lush vegetation and the white sandy beaches give way to exotic rock formations and ancient Baobab trees – this is truly a unique and amazingly beautiful environment where deep blue horizons greet you.

The shores and surrounding areas of Lake Niassa are dotted with many lodges offering everything from eco to luxury accommodation. There are many nature conservation and wilderness areas in the North where elephants, lions, buffalo, hyenas and wild dogs roam and where a diverse variety of birdlife can be found; the lake itself is home to many hippos and crocodiles.

Activities include diving and snorkelling amongst the numerous brilliantly coloured and fluorescent tropical fish, dhow cruises, canoeing and fishing trips in traditional dug-out canoes, wilderness excursions and guided walks.

Lichinga is the largest town closest to Lake Niassa and is a perfect stop to fill up with petrol and stock up on supplies and it is the gateway to the small fishing villages along the shores of Lake Niassa.

From Lichinga one can head West 55km to the small village of Meponda. Further North and 150km from Lichinga is Metangula (another small fishing village) – both these villages offer travel via ferry to the various lodges on the lake.

Travel further North from Metangula another 110km where a dusty winding road will take you through the magnificent Great Rift Valley escarpments and on to the beautiful lake side town of Cobue where boat transfers to surrounding lodges and Malawi's Likoma Island. It is also the resting point for the ferry travelling between Likoma Island (on Lake Niassa) and Metangula.

Quick Fact:

Lake Malawi is famous for its huge swarms of lake flies! These tiny harmless flies, which when they hatch, form huge plumes resembling smoke rising up from the water. The local children find them a real treat and when they land on shore they gather them up by the handful then make them into “cakes” fry then eat them!

Lake Niassa (Lake Malawi) Accommodation
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