Northern Mozambique Mozambique

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Northern Mozambique

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Cuamba Mozambique

Welcome to Cuamba the economic centre of Niassa Province situated in the North Western region of Mozambique. A convenient stopover and first town from the Mandimba border of Malawi. The Niassa region is well known for its scenic landscapes and garnet gemstones

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Island of Mozambique Mozambique

Welcome to Ilha de Mozambique (Island of Mozambique) just off the shores of Nkala – a UNESCO world heritage site this beautiful island is just 3km long and at the most 500metres wide! Step back in time to the 1400’s where it was once an Arab port and boat building hub, and where later Vasco da Gama visited.

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Lake Niassa / Malawi Mozambique

Welcome to Lake Niassa - Located in the North West corner of Mozambique it is the 9th largest fresh water lake in the world and is shared by both the country of Malawi and Mozambique. The border runs vertically down the centre of the lake and on the Malawi side it is known as Lake Malawi

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Lichinga Mozambique

Welcome to Lichinga the capital of Niassa Province – set on the Lichinga Plateau 1.5km above sea level and situated in the far North of Mozambique it is home to vast forests of pine plantations. Just 60km from Lake Niassa it is the perfect stop over for supplies when heading to the Northern regions of Mozambique

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Mocimboa da Praia Mozambique

Where locals master the traditional art of fishing on-shore and from off their dhow boats. Mocimboa da Praia is a quiet, beautiful little village situated in the northern regions of Mozambique and is one of the last towns to Tanzania's Namoto / Kilambo Ferry border post - 130km away

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Montepuez Mozambique

An ideal stopover destination if you are travelling to Pemba and / or would like to experience Mozambique's culture and lifestyle. The area here is slightly cooler with lush, green vegetation. Embrace the locals who'll give you a warm welcome to the "other" side of Mozambique

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Nacala Mozambique

Deep waters in Nacala and surrounding areas offer one of the best scuba diving spots in Mozambique. The neat and clean town of Nacala is situated on the coast about 112km North of Ilha de Mozambique and about 175km East of Nampula. One of the most beautiful and tropical ports in Mozambique

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Nampula Mozambique

Spectacular inselberg mountain formations 'break' the flat landscape in and around Nampula. Nampula is 447 miles from Beira and 180km from Ilha de Mozambique and is a major trade / business centre for the northern regions of Mozambique. Nampula is the third largest city in Mozambique and has all the basic facilities and more

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Map data: Google, CNES / Airbus, Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Maxar Technologies

Nuarro Mozambique

Area information Coming Soon ...

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Map data: Google, CNES / Airbus, TerraMetrics, Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, Maxar Technologies

Palma Mozambique

Area information Coming Soon ...

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Pangane Mozambique

Located opposite Mozambique's largest island national park, the Quirimba Archipelago. Pangane is a beautiful little beach village along the northern coast and opposite Mozambique's largest island national park, the Quirimba Archipelago. Pangane's beach offers accommodation for travellers and is a perfect location to explore the Quirimba Archipelago Islands. Stunning azure waters and mangrove estuaries to explore

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Pemba Mozambique

Many consider the reefs off Pemba and the Quirimba Archipelago as one of the best dive site regions in the world! Often confused with 'Pemba Island' in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Welcome to the very northern part of Mozambique to a city called Pemba (formely known as Porto Amelia). The city lies on the southern side of Pemba Bay

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Quirimba Islands Mozambique

With over 30 exotic islands to explore, you'll never want your holiday to end! The Quirimbas is a group of 32 beautiful and exotic islands off the northern coast of Mozambique stretching 70km from the huge port of Pemba right up to the litte village of Palma near the Tanzanian border. And this is just above the water, nevermind the 100km of unspoilt coral reefs, high coral wall drop-offs and tropical fish to be seen!

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