Scuba Diving Mozambique

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Scuba Diving in Mozambique

Experience the thrill and adventure of scuba diving in what many regard as some of the best dive sites in Africa!

If you think these photo are enticing, then wait until you're actually surrounded by this beauty! Jump overboard & set your sights beneath the blue waters off Mozambique's coastline. If you've never been to Mozambique before, then you have missed out but if you've never scuba dived in Mozambique before, then we'd highly recommend you re-think your next holiday and start gearing up immediately for what could be a life changing experience! It's time you pull your scuba diving gear out of your garage, dust if off and shine those tanks because we're going on an adventure right now!

Enjoy in-depth information about all the spectacular reefs and dives sites you can dive at in Mozambique (Manta Coast thus far) - So much information you'll find yourself surfing online with your diving gear on!

There are so many popular dive sites in Mozambique, starting from southern Mozambique in Ponta do Ouro, going up to the Manta Coast in the Inhambane area, to the beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago Islands and right up north to Nacala boasting the second deepest port in the world and the magnificent Quirimba Archipelago Islands where more than 30 islands can be explored underwater. Start your search below for reefs to dive at in Mozambique.

What to Expect when Scuba Diving in Mozambique

Diving in Mozambique is regarded as one of the best activities to do in Mozambique. So take a look what's instore for you

Whale Encounters

Whale Sharks:

During summer (November - March) whale shark sightings and close encounters on Mozambique's coastline is very common. Whale sharks migrate close to shore, traveling from reef to reef to feed on plankton and krill and quite often scuba divers emerge from their dive ecstatic after experiencing close encounters with this ginormous creature. It is also not uncommon to spot more than one whale shark during a dive - even snorkelers can spot whale sharks from numerous on-shore reefs in Mozambique.

Humpback Whale:

During the winter months, humpback whales migrate north to the warm waters of the Indian Ocean to calve and the "song" of the humpback whale can be heard loudly during your dive. In fact, the sound is so powerful, you can feel it vibrating through your body! An amazing experience for any diver!

Various Stingray Species & Manta Cleaning Stations

Although the manta ray is one of the most sought-after encounters amongst diving enthusiasts, there are various other stingray species to spot along numerous reefs in Mozambique, such as the blotched fantail ray, honeycomb whipray, blue spotted, small-eyed stingray, devil ray, guitar ray, electric torpedo rays, giant eagle ray and the ribbon tail ray.

Manta Cleaning Stations

Certain Reefs in Mozambique are well known for their manta cleaning stations where clusters of cleaner shrimp and / or wrasse fish congregate in certain areas of the reef, waiting patiently for various species of stingrays (not just manta rays) to glide in for a 'pitstop', where they can begin the clensing process by feeding on parasite build-up on the stingrays mouth and body. This is a very interesting site and a very important process in the marine ecosystem.

Caves, Canyons & Swimthroughs

Scuba diving in Mozambique offers you the chance to explore a topography like you've never seen before. Massive reef walls running for hundreds of meters, beautiful overhangs and swim-throughs guarded by lionfish like the ones you see on the discovery channel are decorated in colourful soft and hard corals where clouds of tropical fish dart inbetween. Deep intertwining gullies home to various moray eels and narrow canyons more than 10 meters high is what most of the reefs in Mozambique's feature.

Competent divers shouldn't overlook the many in-shore reefs in Mozambique that also boast amazing topography so close to shore.

Snorkeling in Mozambique

If you not yet prepared to take to the depths with a diving tank on your back, then you'll be pleasantly surprized by the number of beautiful reefs in Mozambique that prove to fantastic for snorkeling. Snorkeling in Mozambique is not just your average snorkeling experience so grab your goggles, snorkel and fins for an experience you'll never forget. Snorkelers are rewarded with sightings of whale sharks, dolphins, loggerhead turtles and even manta rays giving birth near the reef where there is plenty of shelter. moray eels and other tropical fish species like the beautiful spanish Dancer, clownfish, paper fish, palette surgeon fish, emperor angelfish and more.

Swimming with Dolphins in Mozambique:

Swimming with dolphins is another exciting activity to do in Mozambique with just a pair of goggles, snorkel and fins! Swim with dolphins, interact with them and get close up to these beautiful creatures that are well known for their charasmatic nature. Swimming with dolphins in Ponta do Ouro is a very popular activity with various other scuba diving camps around Mozambique that also offers people the chance to interact and swim with dolphins.

Luminous anemones & Corals to "die've" for!

Every dive site in Mozambique has a beautiful array of corals and anemones that light up the reefs providing home and shelter to juvenile fish, various shrimps and other coral fish.

Expect to see sponges like the yellow-orange wall sponge, orange encrusting sponge, white bowl sponge, brown wall sponge, green sponge and much more. Hard and soft corals like the whip coral, fan coral, clustered finger, staghorn, honeycomb coral, white feathery hydroids, thistle soft coral and massive greentree corals up to 6 meters in span can be admired whilst colonial ascidians, tube anemone with light blue tentacles tentacles, yellow and black colonial squirts is a metropolis to clusters of periclimenes, harlequin shrimp and many other species of marine life.

A Photographer's Dream

Every dive site and reef in Mozambique gives photographer enthusiasts the chance to add bundles and bundles of unique snapshots to their porfolio. Spectacular reef topographies will take your breath away and amongst beautiful anemones and rock crevices, macro photographers are rewarded with some of the tiniest coral fish that exist - some as small as a R1 coin. Underwater photography is almost important if you are interested in capturing rare sightings of various fish species like the 6 stripe soapfish & pineapple fish.

Scuba Diving and Photography is a great combination and there is no better way to record these special moments than with your digital camera to show off to friends and other scuba diving enthusiasts.

Where to go Scuba Diving in Mozambique

Start your search for reefs & dive sites in Mozambique by selecting a region below where scuba diving is popular in Mozambique

Scuba Diving in The Manta Coast

The Manta Coast is in the Inhambane area of Paindane, Guinjata Bay, Jangamo Beach, Coconut Bay, Rocha, Tofo Bay, Barra, Inhambane, Maxixe, Linga Linga ...

View Region

Scuba Diving from Ponta do Ouro to Ponta Mamoli

Explore more than 15 top dive sites between Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Mamoli in Southern Mozambique just off the Mozambican border near Kosi Bay - a diving region in Mozambique that boasts a high success rate in sightings ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Inhaca Island

Scuba Dive in one of Mozambique's most seldomly explored dives sites including an almost endless 2km reef with magnificent overhangs and dive deep within an old steam cargo shipwreck that sunk off the coast of Inhaca Island more than 50 years ago ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Vilanculos & Bazaruto Archipelago Islands

Explore 14 spectacular dive sites and some of the longest and most beautiful dive reefs in Mozambique just off the popular Bazaruto Archipelago Islands where divers are lucky enough to have the opportunity of spotting the extremely rare Dugong within these protected waters ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Pemba & Quirimba Archipelago Islands

Pemba and the Quirimbas Archipelago islands is undeniably one of the most sought after dive spots in Mozambique boasting tropical warm waters even in winter with over 20 stunning dive reefs to explore along the massive Bay of Pemba and around the Quirimbas Islands (32 Islands) that extends for more than 240km along Mozambique's Northern coastline from Pemba right up to Palma near the Tanzanian Border ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Nampula Coast

Go Diving in the second deepest port in the world of Nacala Bay, explore a suncken ship off Baixo do Pinda, experience night dives in the clear waters of Memba Bay and discover an underwater world near the historical Island of Mozambique (Ilha de Mozambique) where the Portuguese used the Island as an important port in the spice trade as far back as 1498 ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Xai Xai

Although Xai Xai isn't the most popular dive site in Mozambique (excellent for snorkeling), a large reef over 2km long runs parallel and approximately 160m from Xai Xai Beach still offers beginner Scuba Divers and divers at any level of experience the chance to explore Xai Xai's beautiful reef, home to thousands of colourful reef fish and coral life ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Bilene

Bilene offers Diving enthusiasts and beginners the best of both worlds with 2 artificial dive sites in Bilene Lagoon and beautiful ocean dives off Bilene beach that are basically untouched and unheard of by most most people in the diving community. This ultimately makes Scuba Diving in Bilene even more special having only very few divers explore it. Tall rock faces, overhangs and magical swim-throughs decorated in colourful corals teeming with tropical fish await you to discover one of Mozambique's many "hidden" dive reef ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Morrungulo Bay

Off the coast of Morrungulo Bay lies 2 massive reefs of New Year's reef and Sylvia Shoal Reef, extending 9km and 14km long respectively with each reef hosting 2 popular dive sites in Morrungulo Bay that will flood your visual senses with beautiful marine and coral life - perfect for beginner and advanced scuba divers ...

(coming soon)

Scuba Diving in Pomene

Enjoy swimming with manta rays near various cleaning stations, experience a magnificent drift dive along Zambia Shoal Reef extending for 10kms where giant kingfish, sailfish, marlin and other big game fish roam, discover unexplained rock formations cut out at 90 degree angles that almost look like "steps" of ancient architecture, explore deep caves and swim-throughs that will keep you captivated and explore Pomene's estuary along the sand bed and swiftly drift through a grass sea bed ...

(coming soon)
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