Sofala Province Mozambique

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Sofala Province Mozambique

Learn more about the Sofala Province in Mozambique

The Sofala Province is named after one of the oldest ports recorded in Southern Africa, Sofala (now called Nova Sofala), which was found as far back as 700AD. Portuguese soon discovered Sofala and used the port as a trading post for gold and slaves. Nova Sofala is approximately 20km from the capital of the Sofala Province, Beira.

The Province Hosts a few protected parks and reserves: The Gorongoza National Park, the Marromeu National Reserve, Chinizuia Forest and the Rio Save Game Reserve.

Popular towns in the Sofala Province Mozambique includes:

*Beira is the capital city of the Sofala Province Mozambique

The Sofala Province is divided into 12 districts:

  • Buzi District
  • Caia District
  • Chemba District
  • Cheringoma District
  • Chibabava District
  • Dondo District
  • Gorongosa District
  • Marromeu District
  • Machanga District
  • Maringu√© District
  • Muanza District
  • Nhamatanda District
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