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Southern Mozambique

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Barra Mozambique

Welcome to Barra. Situated on a peninsula, opposite Inhambane and protected from the often rough seas of the Indian Ocean, Barra has proved to be one of Mozambique's most popular holiday destinations. Boasting pristine white beaches and turquoise blue waters tourism

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Bazaruto Islands Mozambique

Known as the 'Pearl of the Indian Ocean' Bazaruto is the largest of five tropical islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago and is surrounded by the Bazaruto National Park. This is undoubtedly one of the world’s most stunning destinations, surrounded by magical coral reefs and perfect sandy beaches

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Bela Vista Mozambique

Bela Vista is a quaint riverside village ideally located en-route to popular holiday destinations of Maputo, Ponta do Ouro, Santa Maria, Inhaca Island and is only 27km from the entrance to Maputo Special Reserve

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Bilene Mozambique

The popular village of Bilene is an approximate 2 ½ hour drive and lies just under 180km northeast of Maputo. The Uembje Lagoon provides for a variety of fun and action packed activities! This fabulous beach “resort” is renowned for its calm and clear waters fun activities for all ages

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Chidenguele Mozambique

Welcome to the tranquil little village of Chidenguele – 270km North of Maputo and just 70km north of Xai Xai this laid back and friendly village greets you. In the local Chichopi language Chidenguele translates to “the highest point”. Pristine white beaches, coral reefs plus 23km long fresh water lake

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Chokwe Mozambique

Welcome to the rural town of Chokwe the capital of the Chokwe District - located approximately 230km North of Maputo in the Gaza Province. A small agricultural town where its main crop is tomatoes! The Chokwe region is one of the main producers of cattle and goats in Mozambique

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Chongoene Mozambique

Chongoene beach is located adjacent to another popular beach destination of Xai Xai where a massive 4km reef runs parallel just offshore offering visitors endless snorkeling fun and calm waters from ocean currents for safe bathing ...

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Coconut Bay Mozambique

Welcome to Coconut Bay – Situated in the Inhambane Province and on the Manta Coast lies the secluded area of Coconut Bay. Its name says it all! Set amongst groves of coconut palms and lined with coral white beaches and crystal clear waters Coconut Bay is a true tropical paradise

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Guinjata Bay Mozambique

Welcome Guinjata Bay – Just 23km from the historical town of Inhambane, Guinjata Bay is well known for its stunning beaches which extend for miles upon miles and where an abundance of tropical marine life awaits you in an underwater paradise known as the “Manta Coast”

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Inhaca Island Mozambique

Welcome to Inhaca Island! Located 40km off the Maputo coast line, an inlet of the Indian Ocean at the mouth to Maputo Bay (formerly known as Delagoa Bay). Inhaca Island is just a stone’s throw away from Portuguese Island, an uninhabited island where cruise ships dock!

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Inhambane Mozambique

Welcome to the City of Inhambane (Terra de Boa Gente) meaning “Land of Good People” located in the Inhambane Province it is one of the oldest European settlements on the Eastern Coast of Africa. Vasco de Gama arrived at Inhambane in 1498 on his way to India - the first permanent trading post was established by the Portuguese in 1534!

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Inharrime Mozambique

Welcome to Inharrime. A tiny little town in the Inharrime District and reached by the EN1 and close to Lagoa Poelela. Fed by the Rio Inharrime River Lagoa Poelela (Poelela Lagoon) covers an area of 54 square kilometres. An area of total tranquillity and unspoiled inland waterways

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Inhassoro Mozambique

A beautiful beach village perfect for exploring the magnificent Bazaruto Archipelago Islands. Welcome to Inhassoro, a beautiful secluded village approximately 80km north of Vilanculos and 835km north of the capital Maputo. Visit the stunnning Govuro River delta 36km north of Inhassoro where one can explore numerous mangroves and tropical islands

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Map data: Google, Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO, TerraMetrics, CNES / Airbus

Ligogo Bay Mozambique

Ligogo Bay is a beautiful beach located half way between Zavora and Paindane. Lodges in Ligogo Bay are built on the sand dunes just off the beach, allowing fantastic views of the Ligogo Bay making it perfect for whale watching. The bay point has a natural reef that extends 100 metres, providing excellent snorkeling

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Machangulo Mozambique

Looking to spend a relaxing holiday surrounded by untamed wildlife, marinelife, birdlife, blue ocean water, spectacular views, long stretches of pristine secluded beaches, lush flora, peace and tranquillity? Then Machangulo is your next go-to holiday destination. Machangulo or better said, the Machangulo ...

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Maputo Mozambique

Maputo is a big city with plenty of attractions and things to do. There is a rich history that resides in Maputo and even if you are not a fan of the past, you will still admire and appreciate some of the beautiful achitectural / structural design that Maputo has to preserved and built.

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Marracuene Mozambique

About 35km North of Maputo, lies a little town on the banks of the picturesque Incomati River offering a beautiful and tranquil setting - perfect to get away from the bustling city life! Boat excursions to Xefina Island (once a prison), Incomati River or a charter boat for an action packed day of fishing

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Maxixe Mozambique

Catch a traditional "taxi-ride" from Maxixe to Inhambane in a dhow boat! Maxixe (pronounced 'ma-sheish') is the largest city in the Inhambane province situated on the bay opposite the historical and popular town of Inhambane. Believe it or not - boarding a ferry to Inhambane is the fastest way to get there than by road (and vice versa)

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Morrumbene Mozambique

Morrumbene overlooks the beautiful bay of Inhambane and a stunning mangrove estuary. orrumbene is situated on the northern peninsula of Inhambane Bay, 127km north (by road) from Maxixe and overlooks Barra and the beautiful bay of Inhambane. Morrumbene's landscape is similar to that of Barra where thousands of tropical coconut palm trees dotted all provide plentiful shade from the hot African sun during summer.

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Morrungulo Bay Mozambique

Morrungulo Bay is a beautiful palm-fringed beach getaway located halfway between Inhambane and Pomene. Morrungulo Bay is an exciting holiday destination for those wanting to go somewhere remote and different during their next holiday. Day excursions to other popular beaches in Mozambique nearby include...

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Paindane Mozambique

A unique destination with a natural reef extending 1500m parallel to Paindane beach. Welcome to Paindane, a beautiful secluded beach situated in the Inhambane province merely 29km south of one of Mozambique's oldest and historical ports, Inhambane. Enjoy exciting activities such as endless snorkeling, safe bathing, scuba diving and deep sea fishing

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Pomene Mozambique

Pomene offers holiday makers the best of both worlds - ocean and estuary. Pomene is a beautiful, secluded, low populated destination in one of Mozambiques most stunning coastal regions - 650km North of Maputo (175km North of Inhambane). The Pomene estuary is excellent for snorkeling and kayaking amongst mangroves and stunning white beaches

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Ponta Chemucane Mozambique

This seaside holiday resort is located along the stunning coast of the Maputo Special Reserve offering miles of untouched beaches, magnificent beach and ocean views, reefs teeming with marine life and a diversity of wildlife to spot within the picturesque reserve ...

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Ponta do Ouro Mozambique

Welcome to the locations of Ponta Mamoli, Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane - all within 17kms of each other and just outside the Kosi Bay/Ponta do Ouro border post of South Africa. An extremely popular holiday destination only a 5 hour drive from Durban! Boasting a numerous amount of coral reefs

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Ponta Malongane Mozambique

Welcome to the locations of Ponta Mamoli, Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane - all within 17kms of each other and just outside the Kosi Bay/Ponta do Ouro border post of South Africa. An extremely popular holiday destination only a 5 hour drive from Durban! Boasting a numerous amount of coral reefs

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Ponta Mamoli Mozambique

Welcome to the locations of Ponta Mamoli, Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane - all within 17kms of each other and just outside the Kosi Bay/Ponta do Ouro border post of South Africa. An extremely popular holiday destination only a 5 hour drive from Durban! Boasting a numerous amount of coral reefs

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Ponta Membene Mozambique

A beautiful, quiet, secluded, untouched beach and bush getaway located along Maputo Special Reserve's coastline offering game viewing opportunities right off the beach ...

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Map data: Google, CNES / Airbus, Data SIO, NOAA, U.S. Navy, NGA, GEBCO

Ponta Mucombo Mozambique

A lot like Ponta Membene, Ponta Mucombo is a tranquil, remote holiday getaway that's very much off the grid perfectly suited for all outdoor and nature enthusiasts located within the Machangulo Private Reserve. Experience a serenity of pristine beaches, glorious ...

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Quissico Mozambique

Welcome to Quissico, a quaint little village between the towns of Chidenguele and Inharrime. A drum and marimba festival is held in quissico every year by the locals which creates a fantastic vibe. Even ambassadors from germany, sweden and china attend the festivals! Not to be missed

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Rocha Mozambique

Welcome to the beautiful pristine beach and secluded bay of Praia da Rocha, a popular diving holiday paradise centrally located along the Manta Coast rewarding all levels of diver experiences a treat to a myriad of stunning dive sites to explore, where you will be mesmerized by a biodiversity of marinelife that inhabit these colourful coral reefs.

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Santa Maria Mozambique

Santa Maria is a stunning island-style holiday getaway situated on the eastern coast of the Machangulo peninsula with spectacular views of Maputo and Inhaca Island over the Maputo Bay. Enjoy endless activities and attractions to do close by ...

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Tofo Bay Mozambique

Pristine beaches, blue waters, great restaurants and nightlife - it doesn't get any better than this! Welcome to Tofo Bay. Situated on the eastern coast of Barra's peninsula. Beautiful white beaches and turquoise blue waters, tourism in Tofo Bay has trended substantially over the years and the area now offers a wide range of accommodation and activities designed to suit everyone’s budget and taste

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Vilanculos Mozambique

Some people argue "If you have never been to Vilanculos, then you've never experienced Mozambique's true beauty". Welcome to Vilanculos, Approximatley 750km north of the capital of Maputo. This bustling seaside paradise is a great "stepping-stone" for travellers wanting to venture and explore one of Mozambique's most popular Archipelagos - the Bazaruto islands (five beautiful islands

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Xai Xai Mozambique

If you are really lucky, you can witness the new born loggerhead and leather-back turtles emerge and scramble down to the water’s edge to begin life in the ocean. Xai Xai (pronounced as 'shy-shy') is situated in the southern part of Mozambique over 200km north of Maputo on the northern banks of the Limpopo river. Enjoy snorkeling in ideal

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Zavora Mozambique

A huge protective reef off the beach of Zavora offers excellent snorkeling & safe bathing conditions. Welcome to Zavora - a little village on the coast of the Inhambane province approximately 420km North of Maputo and a 2 hours drive south of Inhambane. Tours and visits to nearby inland lakes such as Lake Poelela is a must!

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Other Places of Interest:

Bazaruto Islands

Southern Mozambique

Santa Carolina (One of the Bazaruto Islands) hosted the popular and well known TV Show 'Survivor South Africa' in 2010.


Southern Mozambique

Visitors will be pleasantly treated with a game drive through the Maputo Special Reserve before reaching the Machangulo Peninsula. Spot various wildlife from elephants to giraffes, zebra, antelope, flamingos, crocodiles, hippos, birdlife among others ...


Southern Mozambique

Zavora is a beautiful beach renowned for its huge protective reef running 2km parallel and close to the shoreline. This reef acts as a natural tidal pool with shallow, calm waters, perfect for activities such as snorkeling, swimming and fishing

Island of Mozambique

Northern Mozambique

The Island of Mozambique has played an important role since the 10th century in intercontinental trade to the East, in the 16th century is was an established and wealthy trading port for ships sailing on monsoon winds and where cargoes of ivory, gold and slaves were traded for fabrics and spices from India and Arabia.


Southern Mozambique

Tofo Bay is ideally situated along the well renowned Manta Coast - a popular dive site region for all levels of diving experience with over 30 dive sites to explore.

Santa Maria

Southern Mozambique

Find beautiful pansy shells off the beaches of Santa Maria during a spring low tide, full or new moon.


Southern Mozambique

Ponta Falsa (the tip of Pomene beach) has some great rocky cliff features including the "whole in the wall" and a huge blowhole. Explore the ruins of the Old Pomene Hotel which was once the holiday home of Samora Machel where one can admire beautiful bay views

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Bar On-Site:

Meaning the venue has its own bar on-site with staff serving alcohol/non-alcohol beverages and perhaps "pub-grub" included. They may offer satellite TV for bar patrons to follow the latest sporting fixtures live and may also host live music on certain days / evenings.

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Disabled Friendly Accommodation:

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Dive Charter:

These are dive centres who are a team of qualified dive instructors (PADI which means Professional Association of Diving Instructors) offering SCUBA diving lessons for clients and excursions to some of the best dive sites in the region for an unforgettable underwater adventure.

Eco Lodges:

Environmentally friendly establishments built by local communities using naturally sourced / non-toxic materials with the objective of protecting the surrounding habitat. These types of lodges range from rustic bush and beach to luxury accommodation. Not only does this movement protect the environment, but it also helps support local families.

Fishing Charter:

This means the associated business offers professional paid-for deep sea fishing charters / outings and excursions for those fishing enthusiasts (and for newbies). They generally have a fully equipped fishing boat and all the fishing gear ready for clients to bait up and cast a line. Their expertize, knowledge and experience will reward you with some of the best fishing spots for an action packed deep sea fishing experience.

For Sale:

If you're looking to invest or buy property in Mozambique, keep an eye out for this category for the latest in the property market.

Full Board Accommodation:

Full Board means breakfast, lunch and dinner (also known as "All Inclusive"). If a venue is listed under this category, then they either offer guests the choice of a full board meal plan during their stay or their rates by default include full board meals. a lot of these establishments will have private personal chefs serving guests top class cuisine.

Group Accommodation:

Because this is a popular search and request amongst many, we have created this specific category for exactly that - group accommodation which is very much the same as our Holiday Homes category. These are establishments that can cater and accommodate for large groups of 8 people and up in the same house / unit offering most self catering facilities as if you are "home away from home".

Guest House:

Similar to a typical B&B, a Guest House is usually a private house offering very few accommodation units all within the main building structure (or some seperately). Some serve home cooked meals within their in-house dining room specially catered to seat all their guests and offer a lounge area where fellow travellers can interact, socialize and share stories.

Holiday Home:

This type of accommodation is usually ideal for large groups of people going on holiday being a "home away from home" with numerous bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen for your self catering needs, lounge, toilets, braai/BBQ area, some with a swimming pool and some offering exclusive privacy.

Honeymoon / Romantic Accommodation:

Very self-explanatory. A venue will be listed under this category if they offer a specific luxury, private honeymoon suite or because our admin has "hand-picked" the establishment to be perfect for such an occasion based on their location and facilities offered. However, you are the best judge when it comes to planning that special getaway with your loved one anyway. Pssst ... and it doesn't have to be expensive either to enjoy, right?!


A hotel is generally a large premises that can accommodate a large amount of guests in many adjacent rooms grading from standard 2 sleeper units to "executive" luxury suites offering more in-room space and facilities. They generally have a restaurant and bar on-site for all day meals and drinks (quite often offered on a buffet dining basis). Other on-site facilities may include a swimming pool, gym, spa, in/outdoor entertainment area for kids, a conference / wedding room for meetings / ceremonies and a small shop.

Restaurant / Personal Chef(s) On-Site:

This indicates that the establishment has a small / large restaurant on-site for their guests (they may also accept walk-ins for non-guests) or they have on-board catering staff serving guests in their own private space or in a designated dining area.

Self Catering:

This type of establishment offers guests facilities required to cater / cook on their own terms whether it be within a holiday home for example or on communal grounds.


This means the establishment has spa facilities and services offered to guests who are looking for personal treatments during their vacation.

Tours & Safaris:

These business services can range from swimming with dolphins, horse riding, city tours, boat tours, island tours, dhow tours to game drives and more. You'll have to click on their advert to find out more and what they have to offer.

Wedding Venue:

This means, the venue has all the on-site facilities and catering services to host large or small weddings and ceremonies. Depending on the size of the wedding, some may have enough units to accommodate all wedding guests.