Tete Mozambique

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Tete Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Tete in Mozambique

Tete, a bustling town found on the banks of the beautiful and well known Zambezi river. This is a perfect place to visit if you are interested in experiencing the true Mozambican lifestyle!

The suspension bridge in Tete looks like the smaller version of the suspension bridge in San Fransisco!

With a dense amount of indigenous baobab trees that dominate the forested areas around Tete.

As you head towards Tete from the South, you'll soon know when you're almost there when the magnificent Zambezi river is seen on the Horizon. The town quite built up, holding a population of more than 105,000 people and all the basic supplies and facilities can be found, including a local hospital, ATM machines, Fuel stations, a Car dealer and workshop, a Local Market, Accommodation and a few quaint little restaurants to go for a bite.

North East of tete across the bridge, about 8km's is quite a modern airport and further East along the road is a pokey little village called, Moatise has a cute restaurant, petrol station, ATM, pharmacy - a good place to stop off and have a break after a long drive.

The sun in Tete, has been known to be very hot - probally has got a lot to do with its altitude ... so be prepared and take sunblock and a peak.

The suspension bridge is the most noticeable structure in the Tete city and actually looks a lot like the smaller version of the suspension bridge in San Fransisco. Take a walk on the bridge, enjoy the breeze and view of the great Zambezi river while watching the local woman washing clothes on the river edges and children playing in water. Watching a Mozambiqican sunset over the Zambezi river is definitly a magical site to watch as the day ends.

A good way to start the morning and day in Tete is to go and have breakfast at one of the local restuarants and then organise a local taxi, for a small fee to take you to an area where A dense amount of indigenous Baobab trees dominate the forested areas. The Baobab trees are big and tall and have some really strange shapes making them quite unique.

North West of Tete is the famous man made hidroelectical Cahora Bassa dam, which is unbelievebly massive ... boasting a size of 250km long!! The damn Hosts Accommodation and some great activities including excellent Tyger fish fly fishing and some great sight seeing spots!

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