Inhambane Mozambique

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Inhambane Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Inhambane in Mozambique

Vasco de Gama arrived at Inhambane in 1498 on his way to India - the first permanent trading post was established by the Portuguese in 1534! Welcome to the City of Inhambane (Terra de Boa Gente) meaning “Land of Good People” located in the Inhambane Province it is one of the oldest European settlements on the Eastern Coast of Africa. Inhambane is well known for its crumbling colonial architecture and its 170-year-old Cathedral of our Lady of Conception.

The port of Inhambane was once an important port and trading post for ships coming from Persia and India, following the Spice route and where merchants traded pearls, spices, cotton and amber. Up until the 18th century it was also a hub for the thriving ivory and slave trade and a sanctuary for whalers! In the early 1900’s it was an extremely busy harbour docking ships of up to 10,000 tons where cashew nuts, copra, cotton, oil seed, peanuts and sugar were loaded. Today the port is home to the largest fleet of working dhows on the East Coast of Africa and seldom receives any large ships.

Steeped in history there are many sites to visit and the town is wonderful to explore. With its many chapels and mosques, the old governers house on the waterfront, museum, old railway station and colourful avenues and promenades it exudes with old world charm. At the heart of the town lies its market where you can buy just about anything. There are mountains of colourful fresh fruit and vegetables, an array of spices, cashew nuts and of course, fresh fish and shellfish. The local craftsmen produce beautiful wooden carvings and the local women sell woven baskets and mats, hats and shoes.

Inhambane offers a friendly and festive atmosphere and its colorful side walk cafes offer great local cuisine and its bakeries the all important pau. Most facilities are available with a good choice of banks, shops, fuel stations and markets. Public phones and internet access are readily available.

Quick Fact:

If you are in town in November then the annual dhow race is something not to be missed. It draws huge crowds and offers the winner substantial price money (almost the equivalent of their annual earnings!)

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