Mecumbura / Mukumbura Border Post Crossing

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Mecumbura / Mukumbura Border Post Crossing

Learn more about borders gates & and their opening times when entering Mozambique

Mecumbura Border Post Crossing

Mozambique side
Border Opening Times: 06:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Mashonaland Central Province, Zimbabwe entering Mozambique, Tete Province, Mucumbura
GPS Coordinates: -16.190837, 31.688847
Contact Details: *See Mukumbura Border Post Crossing below

Warning: This is a dry river crossing border only and a 4x4 is required for travellers traversing the tricky road up to Mague!

This is a quiet border in general. Travellers will enter Mozambique over the Rio Mukumbura river (4x4 required to navigate the sandy river bed) and then north along a rough gravel road to Mague for 46km. The road all the way from Mague to Tete (260km) is tarred and in decent condition.

Note: The Rio Mukumbura river may not be crossable between the months of December and April during the wet / rainy season as well as flooding may occur during this time.

Directions to the Tete from the Mecumbura / Mukumbura Border.

Take note when travelling to Moringa Bay:

A 4x4 or pick-up truck with good ground clearance is needed to navigate the rough gravel roads to Moringa Bay from the main tar road to / from Tete.

Directions to the Moringa Bay from the Mecumbura / Mukumbura Border.

Consider entering Mozambique through the Cuchamano - Nyampanda Border Post

The Nyampanda Border Post can be reached from Harare along the A2 and is perhaps a better choice for those wanting to reach Tete or the Cahora Bassa Dam on decent tar roads. This border is also ideal for those travelling without a 4x4.

Directions to the Tete via the Cuchamano - Nyampanda Border.

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Mukumbura Border Post Crossing

Zimbabwean side
Border Opening Times: 06:00 - 18:00 / 7 days a week
Location: Mucumbura, Tete Province, Mozambique entering Zimbabwe, Mashonaland Central Province
GPS Coordinates: -16.199008, 31.688473
Contact Details: Tel: +263(0)4 797 676
*See information above
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