Nampula Province Mozambique

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Nampula Province Mozambique

Learn more about the Nampula Province in Mozambique

In the Colonial days, The Nampula Province was called Mocambique but when the country became independant, this name was instead used for the entire country and the capital town Nampula influenced the rename of the province. This also gives reason why the Island of Mozambique (Ihle de Moçambique) is currently named as it is now. The Nampula Province is 81,606 km² and has a population of 3.985.285 (2007 Census). Nampula is the Province's Capital

Popular towns in the Nampula Province Mozambique includes:

*Nampula is the capital city of the Nampula Province Mozambique

The Nampula Province is divided into 18 districts:

  • Angoche District
  • Eráti District
  • Lalaua District
  • Malema District
  • Meconta District
  • Mecubúri District
  • Memba District
  • Mogincual District
  • Mogovolas District
  • Moma District
  • Monapo District
  • Mossuril District
  • Muecate District
  • Murrupula District
  • Nacala-a-Velha District
  • Nacarôa District
  • Nampula District
  • Ribáuè District - Web Design South Africa
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