Niassa Province Mozambique

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Niassa Province Mozambique

Learn more about the Niassa Province in Mozambique

The Niassa Province is the north western region of Mozambique which shares the 9th Largest fresh water lake of Lake Malawi and also borders Tanzania. Most of this province is untouched by development with about a quarter of the province been a National Park (Niassa National Park). Lichinga is the Capital of the province.

Popular towns in the Niassa Province Mozambique includes:

*Lichinga is the capital city of the Niassa Province Mozambique

The Niassa Province is divided into 15 districts:

  • Cuamba District
  • Lago District
  • Lichinga District
  • Majune District
  • Mandimba District
  • Marrupa District
  • Maúa District
  • Mavagoago District
  • Mecenhelas District
  • Mecula District
  • Metarica District
  • Muembe District
  • N'gauma District
  • Nipepe District
  • Sanga District - Web Design South Africa
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