Pemba Mozambique

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Pemba Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Pemba in Mozambique

Many consider the reefs off Pemba and the Quirimba Archipelago as one of the best dive site regions in the world! Often confused with 'Pemba Island' in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Welcome to the very northern part of Mozambique to a city called Pemba (formely known as Porto Amelia). The city lies on the southern side of Pemba Bay. A bustling tropical city with all the main attractions nearby.

With the tourism industry increasing throughout the years, more money has been brought into the city and country, leading to foreign investment, modern development and an ever improving infrastructure including several 5 star / world class hotels, holiday resorts, excellent restaurants, repaired roads (more repairs are currently going underway), a modern port and international airport with weekly flights to Johannesburg (links also to Nairobi, Dar Es Salaam and Dzaoudzi). A great nightlife can be enjoyed in Pemba and around numerous holiday resorts.

Pemba is well renowned for its magnificent Portuguese colonial architecture - most of these beautiful buildings and structures can be found in the older parts of the town (called the Baixa). The busier, more modern part of the city is set up on a hill above the port. Here you can find common facilities cities usually provide such as banks, exchange bureaus, restaurants, shops and supermarkets. Pemba also has a lovely craft market extending 2km selling various items including radios, cell phones, beds, clothes, fruits, vegetables and much more.

Quick Fact:

Pemba Bay is the 3rd largest natural bay in the world (13,000 HA) and the largest bay in Africa from Ponta do Diabo to Ponta Maunhane. It is said that if every ship in the world had to dock in Pemba Bay, there would still be space for more!

Pemba Accommodation
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